Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Poll: Gingrich opens big lead in Florida

This is another surprise to me. I remember seeing Gingrich insult Paul Ryan's budget plan on Meet the Press a few days after he declared his run for POTUS and I thought, "Well, his candidacy was short." So, as I watch him rise, it is very surprising to see. - Reggie

Newt Gingrich holds a 24-point lead in Florida over his closest competitor for the Republican presidential nomination, according to a survey of likely GOP primary voters released Wednesday.

Gingrich took 41 percent of the support in a Florida Times-Union poll, followed by Mitt Romney with 17 percent, Herman Cain with 13 percent, Rick Perry with 7 percent, Ron Paul with 4 percent, Michele Bachmann with 3 percent and Rick Santorum with 1 percent.

“I have not seen a lead this large, this late in a Republican presidential primary season since I have been polling," InsiderAdvantage pollster Matt Towery told the Times-Union. "Newt Gingrich is winning nearly 50% of the independent vote, but more importantly, the Republican vote which makes up the vast majority of the Florida Republican primary."

And there is this shocker...

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