Sunday, November 20, 2011

Romney plays it safe on high-stakes debates

This man, Romney, has no core. I believe he will do anything to make sure he is elected. He needs to be totally and completely rejected! - Reggie

PETERBOROUGH, N.H. – For as long as he's been the Republican front-runner, Mitt Romney has avoided taking firm positions on high-stakes Washington spending debates.

This week's example: The former Massachusetts governor's refusal to endorse or oppose a deficit-cutting plan introduced by members of his own party, with a key deadline looming. Romney's cautiousness builds on the play-it-safe approach he has employed on issues ranging from Medicare overhauls to debt-ceiling negotiations, drawing criticism from GOP rivals and raising questions among uncommitted Republicans.

"It's a risky move to not take a position," said Michael Dennehy, a New Hampshire-based Republican operative who led Sen. John McCain's presidential bid four years ago. "When there's going to be intense scrutiny in these final seven weeks, voters are going to want to see someone who is showing their capacity to lead."

Romney's campaign says the GOP presidential hopeful has consistently articulated his economic plans.

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