Monday, November 28, 2011

Woman says she and Cain had 13-year affair; Cain denies accusation

Honestly, either Herman Cain is a serial adulterer or someone is doing everything possible to eliminate him from the GOP primary race. I can't decide which is true. - Reggie

Atlanta, Georgia (CNN) -- An Atlanta businesswoman has accused GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain of having had an affair with her that lasted nearly 14 years.

"I was aware that he was married, and I was also aware that I was involved in a very inappropriate situation -- relationship," Ginger White told Atlanta television station WAGA.

The candidate upstaged his accuser's announcement, telling CNN a few minutes before the station broadcast an interview with White that her assertion was coming and would be false.

"It is someone that I know who is an acquaintance that I thought was a friend," Cain said on CNN's "Situation Room." But he added, "I did not have an affair."

"I acknowledge that I knew the woman," he said. "I acknowledge that I have known her for about that period of time. But the accusation that I had an a 13-year affair with her, no."
He said his wife's immediate reaction upon hearing of the accusation was, "Here we go again." And he said he had no plans to drop out of the race -- "Not as long as my wife is behind me and as long as my wife believes I should stay in this race."

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