Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cain: Wife didn't know about friendship, ‘financial assistance' to Ginger White

This is disturbing. If a man has a friendship with a woman and gives her money without telling his wife, there is something wrong. The only reason to hide this information from your wife is because you are guilty of doing something wrong or your heart tells you what you are doing is wrong. An innocent man would be open and tell his wife everything.

Mr. Cain should have realized this information would come out if he ran for President. My heart goes out to his wife and family. They will never see him in the same light again. As a matter of fact, this run for President may cost him much more than just losing an election. - Reggie

MANCHESTER - Herman Cain acknowledged Thursday that he repeatedly gave Ginger White money to help her with "month-to-month bills and expenses" without telling his wife.

In fact, the embattled presidential candidate said, his wife, Gloria, "did not know that we were friends until she (White) came out with this story" alleging that the two had a 13-year extramarital affair.

In his most candid interview since the latest allegations emerged, Cain adamantly maintained that he and White were no more than friends.

Cain also stated clearly for the first time that as a result of the constant controversy he has been facing, he is considering getting out of the presidential race.

Asked whether leaving the race is one of the options he is currently assessing, Cain said, “Yes, it is an option.” Regarding his decision, he said, "You will know by next week" as he takes the weekend to reassess where he stands in the campaign.

Cain said he believes that “someone offered (White) a lot of money” to make the allegation. He said he can't prove it.

Overall, Cain told the New Hampshire Union Leader, “One of the things that I have learned in this situation is that running for President has become a very dirty game. It's a dirty game - OK?”

Watch the full interview here.

UPDATE: Herman Cain was interviewed by Sean Hannity earlier this evening. He still adamantly denies an affair with any of the accusers and he seems sincere. It is quite evident all of this is having a huge affect on him. Very sad.

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