Sunday, December 18, 2011

Have Question about Ron Paul's Forign Policy?

Let's face it.  The number one hurdle that Ron Paul faces in this presidential race is his foreign policy.  No other candidate has come under more attack regarding their foreign policy then Ron Paul.  This may be in part because every other candidate except Ron Paul basically has the same foreign policy.  To control...I mean to protect Israel and to nuke...ummmm I mean to put sanctions on Iran and to make sure that they never ever  get a weapon of mass destruction, like all the weapons of mass destruction that Iraq had....remember????  Oh wait...they didn't have any.  

I have heard many talk show host including Rush Limbaugh praise Ron Paul's financial views but abhor his foreign policy. 

With that being said some grassroots supporters put together the following video.  I encourage anyone that has questions about Ron Paul's foreign policy to take the time to watch it.

- Michael

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