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The Limbaugh Take on National Review's Newt Editorial

I'm posting a partial transcript from the Rush Limbaugh radio program on December 15th where he gives his opinion about a National Review editorial attacking Newt Gingrich that was posted December 14th. - Reggie

Rush Limbaugh on the radio
RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, and I'm glad I got e-mails on this.  I was not gonna discuss this, other than the brief mention I gave it, but I've had a lot of e-mails in the subscriber account, the website subscriber, Rush 24/7 account wanting to know what I think of National Review's editorial late yesterday afternoon, National Review Online and the magazine.  It's William F. Buckley Jr.'s magazine.  And I mentioned this the other day, I'm sort of imprisoned here and limited by what I can discuss because I, of course, make everything bigger than it is when it's just standing alone.  And not to put down National Review or anything of the sort but this audience is far bigger than their blog subscriber base. So if I talk about it, it's gonna just take it to more people and I decide whether I want that to happen or not.

So I wasn't going to really talk about it because I'm not convinced that it has that much impact. National Review used to be indisputably the voice of conservatism. There was no question. Now, it's not so much that as it is the voice of Republicanism, which could also be said to be the inside-the-Beltway or the Washington/New York conservatism. They've got great people there, there's some nice people, but it's changed a bit from what it was. They had an editorial yesterday, unsigned, which meant that it was written by a number of editors that didn't endorse anybody but just excoriated Newt Gingrich. It wasn't the long knives that came out, the bayonets came out. It was scorched earth. It was crash and burn.

The implication in the editorial was they were for Romney, but the only other candidates they actually disparaged were Ron Paul and Rick Perry. They held out hope for Bachmann and Santorum, but the point of the editorial was to tell anybody and everybody who read it to forget Newt. So people are wondering, "What do you think of this?" Romney was the National Review endorsement pick in December 2007 for the 2008 race. And of course that was the campaign that McCain eventually won. I think what's happening here, it's not just National Review. There are a lot of so-called conservative media publications inside the Beltway and in New York. There are other elected Republicans, some of them who work very closely with Newt, who have just fired both barrels, and it's starting to take a toll.

Newt's numbers have peaked. Newt is starting to fall away, in Iowa and New Hampshire. It's not that he's just leveled off; he's starting to fall away now. George Will has called Newt a Marxist. Others have piled on pretty heavily, some pretty rough stuff, and Newt's opened the door to it. I mean Newt going after Romney as a guy who destroys companies and jobs. Bain Capital I think was involved in the mergers of 150 or so different companies and corporations, and only two of them went out of business. So Romney's Bain Capital does not destroy jobs, did not destroy jobs or eliminate companies. Anyway, Newt launches that. Romney, in his own self, has come out for global warming, it's man-made. In 2002 he said he's not a partisan Republican, that he's a moderate.

Read the full transcript here and the editorial Limbaugh talked about is - National Review: Winnowing the Field

Today another writer at National Review has written a column disagreeing with the editorial from Thursday. Andrew McCarthy: Gingrich’s Virtues

Finally, from the same magazine in 2006. National Review: Run, Newt, Run! Gingrich 2008? What has happened to make National Review hate Newt Gingrich in 2011?

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