Saturday, December 31, 2011 -- Huffington Post Has a Party and It's Democratic

Published December 31, 2011 | Fox

The post-Christmas headline reads: “THE MOLOTOV PARTY,” and it’s not talking about a fiery New Year’s Eve bash. Naturally, it refers to the GOP and accompanies a photo of the top candidates, with every single letter of the headline capitalized for emphasis. Within a few hours, it morphs into “THEY ♥ MANDATES,” an attack this time on Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.

Political junkies would recognize that level of anti-Republican vitriol and readily identify the perpetrator – Huffington Post. HuffPo, as it is sometimes called, has evolved from a simple news aggregator into one of the most sophisticated propaganda operations the world has ever seen.

The site was started by political chameleon Arianna Huffington, who used to be conservative before she discovered it was far more lucrative to be liberal. The zeros that entrepreneur Huffington paid bloggers for their content came back to her as $20 million to $30 million or more, along with $4 million a year. That was part of the $315 million sale to AOL that turned Huffington into a media mogul and the most powerful propagandist since a guy named Goebbels.

Internet denizens might say that last comment violated Godwin’s Law, as Third Reich references often do. And it would, except it’s true. Huffington heads up a “news” team whose two aims are to drive traffic and to drive conservatives and the GOP into the ground. The HuffPo team is good at both.

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