Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ron Paul Jumps into 1st Place in Iowa and Intense Scrutiny has Arrived

Since I have been away from the blog for about ten days or so, quite a bit has happened in the race for the Republican nomination for President. Ron Paul has jumped into first place in Iowa and is getting the scrutiny he has been able to avoid for several years because of his low polling numbers. I am linking to a few of the stories out there but I am barely scratching the surface.

Other candidates are having their own troubles. Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry failed to get their names on the Virginia primary ballot and they aren't the only ones, although they did try to get on the ballot. Bachmann, Huntsman & Santorum did not try. Perry is suing Virginia's board of elections.

Also, Bachmann is losing workers. Her Iowa campaign chairman left her campaign for Ron Paul's. She claims Paul offered the guy lots of money but he says that's not true. And a Bachmann super-PAC has left her campaign to work for Romney. These are two huge blows to the Bachmann campaign and I really don't see how she can stay in the race much longer.

And, finally, Gary Johnson has left the GOP and is trying to get the Libertarian nomination to compete against Obama and the eventual GOP nominee. - Reggie

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