Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Denver QB, Tim Tebow
Please, let me explain the reason I keep posting Tim Tebow articles. First, I love football. Second, Tim Tebow has become the talk of the nation. Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and others talk about Tebow almost daily and legitimate news reporters (not just sports reporters) are writing about him. When was the last time you recall a straight news organization focused on a football player? I can't remember any unless a player was arrested or accused of a crime. Actually, the title of this editorial is from an article in the American Spectator I have linked to, below.

Let me tell you what I see. There was a time in this country when a man of God, a clean cut young man, a virgin in his 20s was the norm and in that day, Tim Tebow would have been one of many. Our culture has eroded to such a degree that the godly, squeaky clean, virgin is mocked, ridiculed, insulted and hated instead of admired, respected, revered and imitated.

What kind of people have we become? A friend and I have talked, for years, about how the fall of the church and the fall of the nation have traveled on a parallel course. As the church's light has dimmed the evil in our nation has grown to encompass the land.

The light of God that shines from Tim Tebow is pushing against the darkness and the evil can not stand the light hence, the outrageous attacks aimed at the one shining that light.

As I write this, I am watching the replay of the Chicago/Denver game from three days ago. Yes, it was another unbelievable comeback victory of the Denver Broncos in the last two minutes of the game that led to an overtime victory for Denver. Only God knows if the Broncos will continue to win or if Tim Tebow will be another quarterback that is in the news for a season and then fades away. However, I do believe God will show Tebow favor wherever he goes and whatever he does because Tim Tebow gives honor and glory to God, his Creator.

I seem to remember there were men in the 1700s that gave glory and honor to their Creator and because of that he showed them favor against a tyrannical king. God's great favor helped them birth a nation like no other with an emphasis on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

When a nation gives glory and honor to God there is no limit to the blessings they will receive and the world will see their light shine. When that nation rejects God, the depth of the darkness and deception is so oppressive that when the light of God is shone through one person, the nation takes notice because they are no longer living in the light and it startles them. 

America, as a nation, we used to live in the light of God. After years of rejecting God, we have become comfortable in the darkness and one young man is letting God use him to show us, once again, that we need God's light and favor in our land.


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