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Monday, July 18, 2011

Rep. Allen West: Obama is a Marxist

Mark Steyn: ‘Accepting the terms of this debate is nuts’

Mark Steyn sat in for Rush today.

h/t The Daily Caller

Senator Tom Coburn Releases $9 Trillion Deficit Reduction Plan

I am posting the full press release from Senator Coburn's office. - Reggie

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-OK) today released a new report “Back in Black” that outlines how the federal government can reduce the deficit by $9 trillion over the next ten years and balance the federal budget. The 614-page plan was the result of a thorough and exhaustive review of thousands of federal programs.

“The American people are tired of Washington waiting until the last minute to avoid a crisis, particularly when it is a crisis Washington itself created. The crisis, though, is not the debt limit deadline. The crisis is Congress’ refusal to make hard choices and reduce a debt that has become our greatest national security threat. The plan I am offering today gives Washington 9 trillion reasons to stop making excuses and start solving the problem,” Dr. Coburn said.

“Both parties will no doubt criticize portions of this plan and I welcome that debate. My goal is not to replace the work of the budget committees but to show the American people what is possible and necessary. What is not acceptable, however, is not having a plan and delaying reform until some perfect political moment that will never arrive. The fact is doing nothing is a tax increase, a benefit cut for seniors and the poor, and a betrayal of the core values both parties hold dear,” Dr. Coburn said.

Dr. Coburn’s full report is here. A section by section outline of the report is here. A summary of savings is here. Highlights of the report here.

Additionally, Dr. Coburn released the following report exposing wasteful government spending in Oklahoma. Full report here.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Senator Marco Rubio on Face the Nation

hat tip Marco Rubio

Reaganomics is the Only Answer

This is an excellent article. - Reggie

By Peter Ferrara on 7.13.11 @ 6:08AM

The extended stagnation of the American economy is starting to look more and more like a depression. Obama is on track to put the Great in that Depression with what he has already enacted into law for 2013, unless the American people reverse course next year.

At no point in the last 70 years, going back to the Great Depression, has the American economy suffered unemployment this high for this long, or such extended stagnation without a rebound or recovery. The American economy simply does not lie flat on its back for years and years like this, except during a time of depression. Even in the 1970s, the economy persistently rebounded after four worsening recession cycles.

According to the historical record in America, deeper downturns yield stronger recoveries. Based on this precedent, America should be in the second year of a booming recovery by now. So what’s the holdup?

The Failure of Keynesian Economics

President Obama had the chance to guide America to at least a typical recovery. But his retrograde Keynesian, neo-socialist policies have prevented any real recovery at all.

Last Friday's unemployment report showed that 3 ½ years after the last recession started, still virtually no new jobs were being created, and unemployment was persistently rising again. Since the Great Depression, recessions in America have lasted an average of 10 months, with the longest previously being 16 months. But in June, 42 months after the last recession began, unemployment rose again to 9.2%.

The Depression has already arrived for African-Americans, with unemployment at 16.2% persisting for two years now. The same is true for Hispanics, with long-term double-digit unemployment persisting at 11.6%.

A pitiful 18,000 jobs were supposedly created in June, in a nation of 300 million people. But it’s worse than that. 54,000 jobs supposedly created in May, but then that figure was revised downward to 25,000. Without that revision for May, Friday’s labor report would have shown a decline of 26,000 jobs last month, as reported by John Crudele in the New York Post on July 9. Crudele adds that the June labor report includes an estimated 131,000 jobs that were supposedly created by companies that can’t be identified, which will probably be removed as well in subsequent labor reports.

The total army of the unemployed in June comprised 14.1 million Americans, including 6.3 million who have been unemployed for 27 weeks or more -- more than half a year. Not counted as unemployed were another 8.6 million working part time "because their hours had been cut back or because they were unable to find a full time job," as the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports. Also not counted were another 2.7 million deemed "marginally attached to the labor force." The BLS explains that these individuals "wanted and were available for work, and had looked for a job sometime in the prior 12 months." But, "They were not counted as unemployed because they had not searched for work in the 4 weeks preceding the survey."

That makes a total of 25.4 million Americans unemployed or underemployed. Counting them, the real unemployment rate climbed to 16.2% in June, as reported by the BLS. Moreover, the June labor report showed even nominal wages starting to decline, and with the reappearance of even the underreported inflation, that means that the real wages of American workers are decisively falling.

President Obama and the Democrats persist in their wildly confused and erroneous theory that economic growth is created by increased government spending and deficits. If that were true, the American economy would be enjoying its greatest boom in history right now, with a 28% increase in federal spending and more than $4 trillion in deficits since 2008.

Yet, on July 1, the White House released a report that tried to tell us that the nearly $1 trillion "stimulus" bill passed in February 2009 "saved or created" up to 3.8 million jobs. But with more than 25 million Americans unemployed or underemployed, and real wages for the rest of us declining, the undocumented fabrication of supposedly "saved" jobs is dishonorable political propaganda. Jobs remain over 7 million below their peak 3 ½ years ago with almost 2 million lost since the "stimulus" corruption was passed.

Indeed, economist John Lott demonstrated that this White House claim is a fairy tale in the New York Post on July 8. He notes how the economies of both the United States and Canada moved in lockstep during the financial crisis, with unemployment at 6.1% in both countries in August 2008, and rising to around 8 percent in February 2009, when President Obama’s Keynesian trillion dollar stimulus bill was passed. U.S. unemployment then continued to shoot up to over 10%, and stayed above 9.5% for almost another year and a half, lately resuming its upward rise. But in Canada, unemployment peaked at 8.7% in September 2009, and has fallen since to 7.4% today, behaving more like the American economy used to, before Obama’s neo-socialist hope and change.

That is because instead of relying on Keynesian government spending, deficits and debt, Canada adopted instead the Reaganite supply-side economics of cutting tax rates and reducing regulatory cost burdens. While President Obama has maintained America’s corporate tax rate at nearly 40% counting state corporate rates, and gleefully proposes still more tax increases on American business, Canada cut their corporate rate to 16.5% this year, scheduled to fall to 15% next year. Lott reports, "By last year, Canada had the lowest overall tax rate on business investment of any major industrialized country."

Under Obama's outdated Keynesian economics, federal debt as a percent of GDP is projected to almost double from 2008 to 2012, from 48% to 81%. Canada’s debt by contrast will rise only from 22.4% to 35.8% due to the downturn, less than half Obama's. Lott concludes, "Blaming President Bush, as Obama has, just doesn’t explain why our economy got worse relative to other countries -- after the current president’s policies were adopted."

Saturday, July 16, 2011

'Reckless Endangerment' Author Gretchen Morgenson on Hannity

As you know, Rush Limbaugh gave a book report on 'Reckless Endangerment' last month. Below is an interview Hannity conducted on July 14th with one of the authors. - Reggie

More with authors Gretchen Morgenson & Joshua Rosner

Glenn Beck Talks to Israeli Archeologist

Yesterday, July 15th, an Israeli archeologist that is excavating the Temple Mount, in Jerusalem, called Beck on his radio show.

This is a fascinating and sad conversation. The archeologist describes the work he's involved in and the discoveries they are making and he also tells Glenn that the Arabs/Muslims are digging atop the Temple Mount, loading that material in dump trucks and hauling it away. These people want to stop the Jews from proving the land has belonged to the Jews for thousands of years. Diabolical, isn't it?

Also, during the conversation, Glenn makes the statement that the Palestinians are the Philistines. That is incorrect. The Philistines are a people that died out and no longer exist. The Palestinians do not exist, either. They are Jordanians. - Reggie

Glenn Beck's Trip to Auschwitz

Glenn Beck has been outside the country for a couple of weeks visiting Poland and Israel (he returned to New York yesterday). During his travels, he started a travel blog on his website.

The portion of the blog concerning Auschwitz is well worth reading and viewing. As anti-Semitic views continue to  grow, worldwide, we need to look back at their logical and evil conclusion.  - Reggie

Never forget.

Above the gate are the words: ‘Work shall set you free’

(L to R) Johnny Daniels, Glenn and his wife, Tania

The gas chambers. Glenn Beck: I have always assumed that it killed relatively quickly. But when I saw this wall - I knew I was wrong. To stand in this room where hundreds of thousands died was horrifying. The children were always on the top of the bodies. Heroes to the end. – the adults all assumed the air would be clearer higher and they tried to give these children a chance to live by holding the up close to the ceiling. It didn’t work. The gas killed everyone – but not instantly. It took at twenty long horrific minutes. And the walls show it. Many of the children weren’t with their mom or dad, but with strangers. Oh, the special hell that awaited all those who were silent.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Rep. Paul Ryan
A Record of Fiscal Recklessness Undermines Rhetoric of Fiscal Responsibility

While President Obama has recently professed a newfound – and vague – desire to cut government spending, it’s useful to recall what the President has actually done since taking office in 2009. The President signed into law a massive spending spree that plunged us deeper into debt, and failed to deliver on its promise to create jobs. 
  • 24% Increase in Base Spending. Non-defense discretionary spending grew by 24% for the first two years of the Obama Administration, adding $734 billion in spending over the next 10 years.

  • Record Government Spending. The Federal government will spend $3.6 trillion this year, 24% of gross domestic product (GDP) and the highest burden on the economy since World War II. Spending has historically averaged a little over 20% of GDP.

  • President’s Budget Makes Matter Worse. According to CBO, the President’s budget never spends less than 23% of GDP and by the end of the decade rises to 24% of GDP.  His budget’s failure to address the drivers of our debt threatens the health and retirement security of America’s seniors, and the economic security of all Americans.  The President’s budget seeks to spend $46 trillion in government spending over the next decade, and has subsequently fought against House Republican efforts to restrain his spending appetite down to $43.5 trillion.

  • Lip Service Provided When Leadership is Needed. Embarrassed by the fundamental unseriousness of his budget, the President responded to the fiscal leadership demonstrated by House Republicans with a partisan speech describing a “Framework” for reducing the deficit.  Despite repeated requests for details, his rhetoric has still not been backed up with substance that would allow independent analysis of his claims. In fact, CBO Director Doug Elmendorf testified, “We don’t estimate speeches. We need much more specificity than was provided in that speech for us to do our analysis.”
During the daily deficit talks the President has been hosting at the White House, the President has yet to offer any real spending reductions that would result in meaningful changes to our nation’s fiscal path.  Until the President publicly offers a detailed spending reduction plan, all we can judge him on is his record.  And that record is disappointing.


Table 1 details both defense and non-defense discretionary spending, excluding emergencies. The table breaks spending into base budget increases and stimulus spending on top. Democrats’ appropriation bills increased non-defense discretionary spending by nearly 25 percent – an 84 percent increase when you include the stimulus.  The Republican House took the lead in bringing an end to this out-of-control spending and reduced non-defense discretionary spending by 7 percent.

Table 1

The Great Charade

Mark Steyn
The spenders are negotiating among themselves how much debt they’re going to burden you with.

There is something surreal and unnerving about the so-called “debt ceiling” negotiations staggering on in Washington. In the real world, negotiations on an increase in one’s debt limit are conducted between the borrower and the lender. Only in Washington is a debt increase negotiated between two groups of borrowers.

Actually, it’s more accurate to call them two groups of spenders. On the one side are Obama and the Democrats, who in a negotiation supposedly intended to reduce American indebtedness are (surprise!) proposing massive increasing in spending (an extra $33 billion for Pell Grants, for example). The Democrat position is: You guys always complain that we spend spend spend like there’s (what’s the phrase again?) no tomorrow, so be grateful that we’re now proposing to spend spend spend spend like there’s no this evening.

On the other side are the Republicans, who are the closest anybody gets to representing, albeit somewhat tentatively and less than fullthroatedly, the actual borrowers — that’s to say, you and your children and grandchildren. But in essence the spenders are negotiating among themselves how much debt they’re going to burden you with. It’s like you and your missus announcing you’ve set your new credit limit at $1.3 million, and then telling the bank to send demands for repayment to Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s kindergartner next door.

Nothing good is going to come from these ludicrously protracted negotiations over laughably meaningless accounting sleights-of-hand scheduled to kick in circa 2020. All the charade does is confirm to prudent analysts around the world that the depraved ruling class of the United States cannot self-correct, and, indeed, has no desire to.

When the 44th president took office, he made a decision that it was time for the already unsustainable levels of government spending finally to break the bounds of reality and frolic and gambol in the magical fairy kingdom of Spendaholica: This year, the federal government borrows 43 cents of every dollar it spends, a ratio that is unprecedented. Barack Obama would like this to be, as they say, “the new normal” — at least until that 43 cents creeps up a nickel or so, and the United States government is spending twice as much as it takes in, year in, year out, now and forever. If the Republicans refuse to go along with that, well, then the negotiations will collapse and, as he told Scott Pelley on CBS the other night, Gran’ma gets it. That monthly Social Security check? Fuhgeddabouddit. “I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3rd if we haven’t resolved this issue,” declared the president. “Because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it.”

But hang on. I thought the Social Security checks came out of the famous “Social Security trust fund,” whose “trustees” assure us there’s currently $2.6 trillion in there. Which should be enough for the August 3rd check run, shouldn’t it? Golly, to listen to the president, you’d almost get the impression that, by the time you saw the padlock off the old Social Security lockbox, there’s nothing in there but a yellowing IOU and a couple of moths. Indeed, to listen to Obama, one might easily conclude that the whole rotten, stinking edifice of federal government is an accounting trick. And that can’t possibly be so, can it?

For the Most Gifted Orator in Human History, the president these days speaks largely in clich├ęs, most of which he doesn’t seem to be quite on top of. “Eric, don’t call my bluff,” he sternly reprimanded the GOP’s Eric Cantor. Usually, if you’re bluffing, the trick is not to announce it upfront. But, in fact, in his threat to have Granny eating dog food by Labor Day, Obama was calling his own bluff. The giant bluff against the future that is government spending.

How many of “the wealthy” do you require to cover a one-and-a-half trillion-dollar shortfall every single year? When you need this big a fix, there aren’t enough people to stick it to. “We are not broke,” insists Van Jones, Obama’s former “green jobs” czar and bespoke Communist. “We were robbed, we were robbed. And somebody has our money!”

The somebody who has our money is the government. They waste it on self-aggrandizing ideologue nitwits like Van Jones and his “green jobs” racket. How’s the “green jobs” scene in your town? Going gangbusters, is it? Every day these guys burn through so much that they can never bridge the gap. By that, I don’t mean that an American government that raises $2 trillion but spends $4 trillion has outspent America, but that it’s outspent the planet. In my soon to be imminently forthcoming book, I discuss a study published last year by John Kitchen of the U.S. Treasury and Menzie Chinn of the University of Wisconsin. Its very title is a testament to where we’re headed:

“Financing U.S. Debt: Is There Enough Money In The World — And At What Cost?”

Democrats Still Want to Spend More

It’s no secret that Democrats love to spend money, but given their recent behavior in the debt negotiations, perhaps it’s time for A&E producers to feature them in the next installment of their hit series Intervention, in which friends and family members try to convince loved ones to give up their crippling addictions.

In an interview with National Review Online, Senate minority whip Jon Kyl (R., Ariz.) explains that even at the height of national concern over the country’s debt and deficit problem, Democratic negotiators are insisting that additional spending measures be included in a deal to increase the debt limit.

In discussions this week, Kyl says, Democrats proposed extending unemployment insurance for another 99 weeks at a cost of $43 billion. In addition, they requested another $10 billion to spend on research projects overseen by the National Institutes of Health. Democrats have not, Kyl says, offered to offset the new spending with additional cuts.

These measures come on top of the increased spending Democrats proposed in negotiations led by Vice President Joe Biden, which included a $33 billion increase in Pell Grant funding and $27 billion — a number Kyl says was never explained — for the so-called “doc fix” to restore Medicare payments to physicians.

Senator Orrin Hatch Delivers Weekly GOP Address

Documents Show White House Attacked, Excluded Fox News

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced today that it has uncovered documents from the Obama Department of Treasury showing that the Obama administration, contrary to its repeated denials, attempted to exclude the Fox News Channel (FNC) from a round of interviews with Treasury’s “Executive Pay Czar” Kenneth Feinberg. The documents, which include email exchanges within the Department of the Treasury and between Treasury and White House staff, also provide colorful evidence of an anti-Fox News bias within the Obama White House.

The documents, obtained last week by Judicial Watch pursuant to an October, 28, 2009, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, concern a series of interviews with Feinberg, who served as the Special Master for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) Executive Compensation, on October 22, 2009, organized by the Treasury Department. According to press reports, the Fox News Channel was specifically excluded from joining the pool of reporters which precipitated a backlash among the networks and a reversal by the Obama Treasury Department.

‘The Undefeated’ Review: A Profoundly Important Game-changer (Especially For Me)

Ed. Note: “The Undefeated begins its theatrical run today. You can find theatres and purchase tickets here (I also urge you to bookmark the indispensable site, Conservatives for Palin).  An interview with writer/director Steve Bannon can be heard at the end of this review. — JN

It’s been almost three years since I, along with many others, was introduced to Governor Sarah Palin. In that time we have been saturated with coverage of her and just about everybody on the left and the right, has had the opportunity to get to know who she is and what they think of her.

At least that’s what I thought.

Admittedly, it took me some time to actually post this review of the recently released film “The Undefeated” about Sarah Palin’s meteoric rise to fame. It took time because, for numerous reasons, Sarah Palin is an emotional topic for a lot of people.

She seems to be one of those national figures that you either love with adoring affection, or hate with an uncontrollable rage. Rarely have I met someone who simply doesn’t have an opinion of her. Many pretend to, but most you can see through. At least I can. I can see through it because my opinion of her was much more specific than I ever liked to admit.

Certainly I believed that the media had been incredibly unkind to her. I believed that her stepping down as Governor was more the loss of an intense battle than simply the “giving up to go get rich” that others had labeled it. But in truth, I didn’t too much care for her, in spite of my public facade of being mostly opinion free.’

Read the rest of the article

And there is this...

Fox Nation: Palin Film Selling Out in Theaters

Big Hollywood: Empty Theatre!!!: MSM Currently Brewing Up Phony ‘Undefeated’ Narrative

American Thinker: A Rogue Warrior's Strategy for Conservatives

Note: As an aside, the work I do is very labor intensive so at the end of each day, I usually go home to rest from my labor so I can be ready to do it all again the next day. Because of that fact, I didn't try to get a Newsweek until last night. I went to Barnes and Noble and there were none to be found. Sold out! There were plenty of other magazines on the shelves but no Newsweek. Now, tell me, do Americans really hate Sarah Palin?

Also, I don't remember if I posted the video below or not. These are Sarah Palin's remarks in Pella, Iowa, after the official premiere of The Undefeated a couple of weeks ago. - Reggie

Republican leaders embrace 'Cut, Cap and Balance' plan

House Republican leaders have thrown their support behind the "Cut, Cap and Balance" plan that conservatives are demanding in return for an increase in the federal debt ceiling.

According to lawmakers who attended an 8 a.m. meeting of the Republican conference, GOP House members rallied Friday behind an effort to cut spending, cap spending in future years and pass a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution — a package that has been pushed in the House by the Republican Study Committee.

“We asked the president to lead, we asked him to put forward a plan, not a speech — a real plan — and he hasn’t. We will,” Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said after the meeting.

Leaders intend to offer the plan later Friday in order to tee up a vote for the middle of next week.

Boehner was asked if the move to support the plan was a sign that the White House talks on the debt ceiling are dead.

“I don’t want to preclude any chance of coming to an agreement,” he said. Boehner demanded that Obama put forth a "real" plan with spending cuts and entitlement reforms.

One lawmaker told The Hill that the proposal is the GOP's response to President Obama's challenge — issued at Thursday evening's negotiations at the White House — to come up with an answer to the current impasse over raising the borrowing limit.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said Republicans are looking for a permanent change in Washington's spending habits.

“We want to change the system here. We want to be able to go home to the people who elected us and show them that we are not going to allow this kind of spending to continue,” Cantor said.

“So we are going to bring a bill forward next week otherwise known as the 'Cut, Cap and Balance' bill to provide a balanced approach so we can demonstrate that we are getting things under control, that the people who put us here can gain some confidence that we are going to begin to live like they do around their kitchen tables and their businesses," Cantor said.

The plan would authorize a $2.4 trillion increase in the debt ceiling after Congress passes a balanced-budget amendment.

'The US Is Holding the Whole World Hostage'

Here's an article from Berlin, Germany with their view of our current political crisis. - Reggie

With no solution to the US debt crisis in sight, the rest of the world is starting to get nervous. German commentators urge congressional leaders to get their act together. A US default would have catastrophic consequences, they warn.

Both Moody's and Standard & Poor's are threatening to downgrade the country's debt amid fears of a national insolvency. But for once it is not a debt-stricken euro-zone member that has come into the crosshairs of the powerful rating agencies. This time it is the United States, the world's largest economy, that is at risk of going bust.

The US needs to raise its debt ceiling, currently set at $14.3 trillion (€10.1 trillion), by Aug. 2, otherwise the country will run out of money. But negotiations between President Barack Obama and top Republicans and Democrats have so far failed to make progress.

Obama has now given congressional leaders until Saturday morning to reconsider their positions. "It's decision time. We need concrete plans to move this forward," Obama said on Thursday, the fifth day of talks, following an inconclusive negotiating session.

Financial markets, which have previously viewed the negotiations with calm, are beginning to get nervous amid fears that Republicans and Democrats may be unable to reach an agreement by Aug. 2. Any default on the part of the US could have incalculable effects on global financial markets and could hurt the fragile recovery in the US. Moody's and Standard & Poor's have warned they may cut the country's top AAA credit rating if a solution isn't reached.

Republicans want any increase in the debt ceiling to be met by spending cuts equal to the same amount, as well as more serious efforts by the government to address the debt problem. Democrats are open to certain cuts but want tax increases in return. With presidential elections coming up in 2012, neither side wants to be seen as ceding ground.

On Friday, German commentators react with concern to the ongoing stalemate.

The center-right Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung writes:

Gloomy Goldman Sachs sees high unemployment, possible recession

Last night in a new report, Democrat-friendly Goldman Sachs dropped an economic bomb on President Obama’s chances for reelection (bold is mine):
Following another week of weak economic data, we have cut our estimates for real GDP growth in the second and third quarter of 2011 to 1.5% and 2.5%, respectively, from 2% and 3.25%. Our forecasts for Q4 and 2012 are under review, but even excluding any further changes we now expect the unemployment rate to come down only modestly to 8¾% at the end of 2012.
The main reason for the downgrade is that the high-frequency information on overall economic activity has continued to fall substantially short of our expectations. … Some of this weakness is undoubtedly related to the disruptions to the supply chain—specifically in the auto sector—following the East Japan earthquake. By our estimates, this disruption has subtracted around ½ percentage point from second-quarter GDP growth. We expect this hit to reverse fully in the next couple of months, and this could add ½ point to third-quarter GDP growth. Moreover, some of the hit from higher energy costs is probably also temporary, as crude prices are down on net over the past three months. But the slowdown of recent months goes well beyond what can be explained with these temporary effects. … final demand growth has slowed to a pace that is typically only seen in recessions. .. Moreover, if the economy returns to recession—not our forecast, but clearly a possibility given the recent numbers …

Read the full post

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

California Prison Surgeon Paid $777,000

Marco Rubio: Extremist?

Glenn Beck and Pat Gray on Beck's radio show this morning. I think Glenn is still broadcasting from Israel. - Reggie

Look who’s throwing IPAB under the bus

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 13, 2011 10:42 AM

Today, the House held a second hearing on the rogue board of Medicare spending czars created by Obamacare. This mother of all death panels is known as the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB). My column looks at growing Democrat opposition to the entity, which would have unprecedented authority over health care spending. Seven Dems are co-sponsors of a House IPAB repeal bill On the Senate side, GOP Sen. John Cornyn is introducing an IPAB repeal bill.

Here’s GOP Rep. Paul Ryan schooling HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on patient-centered Medicare reform. Here’s AEI fellow Dr. Scott Gottlieb’s testimony. Here’s a look at the fatal effect of IPAB on medical innovation. Here’s Philip Klein catching Sebelius’s false assertion this morning that IPAB decisions can be challenged in court. And here’s background on the Goldwater Institute’s federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of IPAB.


Rolling back the Obamacare Banana Republic

President Obama, Media are Lying to America

Official Treasury Reports: Coffers Full Enough to Cover Entitlement Programs, Veterans, Federal Salaries, Interest—Without Borrowing a Dime

( - President Barack Obama told CBS News today that there may not be enough money in the U.S. Treasury to cover Social Security checks after Aug. 3 if Congress does not agree to lift the legal limit on the federal debt and allow his administration to borrow more money.

"I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3rd if we haven't resolved this issue. Because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it," Obama told CBS News anchor Scott Pelley in an interview.

However, according to the Daily Treasury Statements published by the U.S. Treasury Department, the ongoing flow of federal tax revenue since the Treasury declared that it had hit the debt limit on May 16 has been more than sufficient to cover the combined costs of federal spending on interest payments, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, the Veterans Affairs department and federal workers wages and insurance benefits (including wages and insurance benefits for military personnel).

Specifically, according to the Daily Treasury Statements, as of the close of business on May 16, the federal government had taken in $1.333454 trillion in tax revenues since the beginning of fiscal 2011. By the close of business on July 7, tax revenues for fiscal 2011 had grown to $1.629630 trillion. Therefore, between May 16 and July 7 the federal government took in a total of $296.176 billion in new tax revenue.

In that same time period, total interest payments on the national debt equaled $14.632 billion.

Thus, the new tax revenue of $296.176 billion the federal government took in between May 16 and July 7 was enough to pay the federal government’s $14.632 billion in interest obligations during that period 20 times over.

Religious Freedom Group Sues Perry Over Planned All-Day Prayer Event

First of all, the headline is a lie. This is not a "religious freedom group." This is a group that wants to eliminate religion in this country. Hence, their name, The Freedom From Religious Foundation (emphasis mine).

I don't believe their lawsuit has a chance. Perry is not mandating Texans appear at this gathering and he is not punishing any citizen that chooses not to attend.

Honestly, if people like this group had their way, there would not be a United States of America. The Founding Fathers prayed during the Constitutional Convention and their writings are filled with references to God.

Wait... I don't think the Founding Fathers were aware that they were participating in activities that violated the Constitution they were writing. Really? - Reggie

A Wisconsin-based religious freedom group is suing Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a possible Republican presidential contender, in an effort to block his promotion of and participation in an all-day Christian prayer event to be held Aug. 6, arguing that it violates the constitutional separation of church and state.

The Freedom From Religious Foundation, which claims more than 16,000 members, including 700 in Texas, filed the federal lawsuit Wednesday in Houston, contending that Perry’s actions violate the Constitution's Establishment Clause by “giving the appearance that the government prefers evangelical Christian religious beliefs over other religious beliefs and non-beliefs.”

Choice & Competition Work Better Than Gov't Price Controls

Change Direction 2

new RNC ad

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Senator Marco Rubio Talks about America's Debt Problem

Senator Marco Rubio
Florida Senator, Marco Rubio, is making the rounds. He was on Sean Hannity's radio show yesterday and TV show last night, Fox and Friends this morning and Rush Limbaugh this afternoon. All audio and video files are below courtesy of the Senator.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Speaker Boehner Remarks on Ongoing Debt Limit Discussions

The House Speaker agrees with Obama that the debt ceiling must be raised. He is wrong. - Reggie

from earlier today

'The Five' Tackles America’s Debt Problem

Here's a segment from The Five, the show that has replaced Glenn Beck. Will the show last? As Fox News says, 'we report, you decide.'

God is the Only Hope for America

Something is happening. God is moving and calling His people to repent, fast and pray for America.

On August 6th, Governor Rick Perry is asking Americans to gather at Reliant Stadium, in Houston, Texas "for a solemn gathering of prayer and fasting for our country."

Today, I found out that another gathering to fast and pray is planned for Detroit, Michigan, November 11th.

There is a very familiar verse of scripture that says, If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
(2 Chronicles 7:14)

God is calling His people to repent, turn from their wicked ways, pray and seek His face. He's not calling the heathen or unbelievers in this verse. He's calling the believer to repentance!

Is America worth that to us? Are the believers in America ready and willing to humble themselves and repent in order to see the hand of God invade this country and heal our land? If not, why not?


TheCall Detroit 11.11.11

Glenn Beck Visits Knesset

Part 1

Part 2



This is a pretty good ad from Club for Growth but I have to disagree with their statement at the end. There should be no debt limit increase, whatsoever! Cut spending! Do not raise the debt limit so we can have more debt! Decrease the debt and decrease the debt ceiling. - Reggie

Glenn Beck: "I'm Moving to Dallas, Texas."

We've known for a couple of weeks that Glenn Beck was eying a Westlake manse, but this morning on his radio show he made it official. Let's go to the "fusion of entertainment and enlightenment" hisself for the official what-for:

"I'm moving to Dallas, Texas, and my family is there now, and I will be there shortly. We're keeping our business, Mercury, in New York. Nobody is surprised by this, I'm sure. We have been planning for a long time," Glenn said.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Republicans are Gutless, Spineless, Cowards

As I have said before, the Republicans in Congress are gutless, spineless, cowards! McConnell told Fox News Sunday this morning, that no one in Congress is talking about not raising the debt ceiling. What?! Does he believe the Obama propaganda about the August 2nd, death to America, deadline? Are the Republicans stupid or are both parties determined to ignore the wishes of the people so they can work together to absolutely destroy our economy, make us all government dependent and control every aspect of our lives? Are they determined to make America the North Korea on the Atlantic?

Where are the statesmen in this country? Where are the Patriots that have the courage to stand up and say, "No more!!" - Reggie

Sarah Palin: 'I Can Win'

This article is 'hot off the presses' and I haven't read it yet so I don't know if it is pro-Palin, anti-Palin or, could it be? - objective! She's on the cover of Newsweek this week and here's the cover story. - Reggie

Sarah Palin hasn’t jumped into the race for the White House (yet), but she believes the prize is there for the taking. In a conversation with Peter J. Boyer, Palin warns Boehner not to raise the debt ceiling, proclaims that Obama is beatable—and says the 2012 field is far from settled.

'I believe that I can win a national election,' Sarah Palin declared one recent evening, sitting in the private dining room of a hotel in rural Iowa. The occasion for her visit to quintessential small-town America was a gathering of the faithful that would have instantaneously erupted into a fervent campaign rally had she but given the word. Instead, it had been another day on the non–campaign trail, this one capped by a sweet victory: she had just attended the premiere of a glowingly positive documentary about her titled The Undefeated.

“The people of America are desperate for positive change, and deserving of positive change, to get us off of this wrong track,” she told me during a conversation that lasted late into the night and, inevitably, kept returning to the subject that has titillated the media and spooked Republican presidential contenders for months: her political intentions. “I’m not so egotistical as to believe that it has to be me, or it can only be me, to turn things around,” she said. “But I do believe that I can win.”

Two years after stepping down as governor of Alaska—not a retreat, she later said of the decision, quoting Korean War general Oliver Smith, but “advancing in another direction”—Palin has proved herself an enduring force capable, with minimal effort, of keeping political professionals and, especially, the press in a state of perpetual imbalance. This derives partly, of course, from her standing as a possible presidential candidate with presumed frontrunner potential, a status she seems inclined to maintain for as long as possible. On the day we met, her daughter Bristol had declared in a television interview that Palin had already made a decision about whether to run for president—an assertion that Palin quickly tried to shoot down. “I think Bristol has made up her mind, and Bristol wants me to run for president,” she said. “But we’re still thinking about it. I’m still thinking about it.”

If Palin doesn’t end up running, the reason will be simple, she said. “Family. If it came down to the family just saying, ‘Please, Mom, don’t do this,’ then that would be the deal-killer for me, because your family’s gotta be in it with you.”

Family has been elemental to Palin’s national political identity from the moment she was introduced as John McCain’s running mate in 2008, accompanied by her outdoorsman husband, Todd, and four of their five children, including their youngest, Trig, who’d been born four months earlier with Down syndrome. The press’s fascination with this picturesque brood quickly turned so darkly speculative that candidate Barack Obama threatened to fire anyone in his campaign found participating in the conjectures.

Yet Palin, who is 47, now hinted that her family would not try to dissuade her from entering the race. “My kids know that life isn’t supposed to be easy, and it’s certainly not fair,” she said. “And they know that, even on their end, they have to make some sacrifices for the greater good.”

Note: Newsweek has rigged their links so I can not send you directly to page 2 of this article. Click the link below, look at the pictures, page down and click Next to continue reading the article.
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A History of Presidential Crimes

The Judge provides historical perspective on crimes committed by Presidents past and present.

Healthcare Mandate Burden on States

July 6, 2011

Saturday, July 9, 2011

GOP Senators On Missing Budget, Need For Openness In Debt Work

July 7, 2011

ACORN Still Receiving Tax Funds?

Surprise, surprise! - Reggie

Selective Shaming

Mark Steyn
If only government were as accountable as British tabloids.

Something rather weird happened in London last week. For some time, the Guardian, a liberal, broadsheet, “respectable” newspaper, has been hammering the News of the World, a populist, tabloid, low-life newspaper, over its employees’ penchant for “hacking” the phones of royals and celebrities — Prince Harry and Hugh Grant, for example. This isn’t as forensic as it sounds: Until recently, most British cellphones were sold with the default password set to either 0000 or 1234, and most customers never bothered to change it.

But last Monday it emerged that the News of the World had also hacked into the telephone of a missing schoolgirl subsequently found dead, as well as those of family members of the July 7 Tube bombing victims and of British servicemen killed in Afghanistan. Nobody much cares if the Aussie supermodel Elle Macpherson and other denizens of the demimonde get their voicemails intercepted, but dead schoolgirls and soldiers changed the nature of the story, and events moved swiftly. On Thursday, Rupert Murdoch’s son and heir announced the entire newspaper would be closed down. The whole thing. Gone.

The News of the World wasn’t any old fish-wrap. Founded in 1843, it was by the mid–20th century the most-read newspaper in the English-speaking world, selling 9 million copies a week. Even in today’s emaciated market, every week more than 2.6 million Britons bought News of the Screws (as it was affectionately known). Last Sunday, it was the biggest-selling newspaper in the United Kingdom and Europe. This Sunday, it’s history. To put it in American terms, consider those George Soros–funded websites claiming they pressured Fox into “firing” Glenn Beck. This is the equivalent of pressuring Mr. Murdoch into closing down the entire Fox News network.

I confess to feeling a little queasy at the sight of bien pensant liberal opinion gloating at having deprived 4 million people of their preferred reading matter. If one were so inclined, one might be heartened by the swift responsiveness to pressure of the allegedly all-powerful bogeyman Murdoch. But you can’t help but notice that this supposed public shaming is awfully selective. In the week of the News of the World revelations, it was reported that the Atlanta Public Schools system has spent the last decade systemically cheating on its tests. Not the students, but the superintendent, and the union, and 38 principals, and at least 178 teachers — whoops, pardon me, “educators” — and some 44 of the 56 school districts. Teachers held “changing parties” at their homes at which they sat around with extra supplies of erasers correcting their students’ test answers in order to improve overall scores and qualify for “No Child Left Behind” federal funding that could be sluiced into maintaining their lavish remuneration. Let’s face it, it’s easier than teaching, right?

The APS Human Resources honcho Millicent Few illegally had an early report into test-tampering destroyed. So APS not only got the federal gravy but was also held up to the nation at large as a heartwarming, inspirational example of how large urban school districts can reform themselves and improve educational opportunities for their children. And its fake test scores got its leader, Beverly Hall, garlanded with the National Superintendent of the Year Award, the Administrator of the Year Award, the Distinguished Public Service Award, the Keystone Award for Leadership in Education, the Concerned Black Clergy Education Award, the American Association of School Administrators Effie H. Jones Humanitarian Award, and a zillion other phony-baloney baubles with which the American edu-fraud cartel scratches its own back.

In reality, Beverly Hall’s Atlanta Public Schools system was in the child-abuse business: It violated the education of its students in order to improve its employees’ cozy sinecures. The whole rotten, stinking school system is systemically corrupt from the superintendent down. But what are the chances of APS being closed down? How many of those fraudulent non-teachers will waft on within the system until their lucrative retirements?

The Sugar Daddy Has Run Out of Sugar; Now We Need New Leaders

Sarah Palin has written a post on her Facebook page today describing the answers for America much better than I did in my previous post. I did notice one line in her post that was almost an exact quote of mine. Amazing. She and I must be on the same page although she is much more optimistic about America's future than I am.

Her entire post is below. - Reggie

Barack Obama’s big government policies continue to fail. He should put a link to the national debt clock on his BlackBerry. The gears on that clock have nearly exploded during his administration. Yesterday’s terrible job numbers should not be a surprise because it all goes back to our debt. Our dangerously unsustainable debt is wiping out our jobs, crippling our economic growth, and jeopardizing our position in the global economy as the leader of the free world.

As a governor, I had to deal with facts, even unpleasant ones. I dealt with the world as it is, not as I wished it to be. The “elite” political class in this country with their heads in the sand had better face some unpleasant facts about the world as it is. They’ve run out of money and no amount of accounting gimmicks or happy talk will change this reality. Those of us who live in the real world could see this day coming.

Back in January 2009, as governor of Alaska, I announced: “We also have to be mindful about the effect of the stimulus package on the national debt and the future economic health of the country. We won’t achieve long-term stability if we continue borrowing massive sums from foreign countries and remain dependent on foreign sources of oil and gas.” Then I urged President Obama to veto the stimulus bill because it was loaded with absolutely useless pork and unfunded mandates. Everyone knows my early and vocal opposition to that mother of all unfunded mandates known as Obamacare starting back in August 2009, and many recall my objections to the Federal Reserves’ inflationary games with our currency known as QE2 from November 2010. It’s a matter of public record that I did not go to Harvard Law School, but I can add.

The same “experts” who got us into this mess are now telling us that the only way out of our debt crisis is to “increase revenue,” but not by creating more jobs and therefore a larger tax base; no, they want to “increase revenue” by raising taxes on job creators who are taxed enough already! As Margaret Thatcher said, “The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” That’s where we are now. Hard working taxpayers have been big government’s Sugar Daddy for far too long, and now we’re out of sugar. We don’t want big government, we can’t afford it, and we are unwilling to pay for it.

This debt ceiling debate is the perfect time to do what must be done. We must cut. Yes, I’m for a balanced budget amendment and for enforceable spending caps. But first and foremost we must cut spending, not “strike a deal” that allows politicians to raise more debt! See, Washington is addicted to OPM – Other People’s Money. And like any junkie, they will lie, steal, and cheat to fund their addiction. We must cut them off and cut government down to size.

To paraphrase Hemingway, people go broke slowly and then all at once. We’ve been slowly going broke for years, but now it’s happening all at once as the world’s capital markets are demanding action from us, yet Obama assumes we'll just go borrow another cup of sugar from some increasingly impatient neighbor. We cannot knock on anyone’s door anymore. And we don’t have any time to wait for Washington to start behaving responsibly. We’ll be Greece before these D.C. politicians’ false promises are over. We must force government to live within its means, just as every business and household does.

We can’t close our $1.5 trillion deficit overnight, but we must get as close as we can as soon as we can. Little nibbles here and there over 10 years (spun to sound like they’re huge budget cuts) aren’t anywhere near enough. I know from experience that cutting government spending isn’t easy. As governor, I made the largest veto cuts in my state’s history, and I didn’t make many friends doing it. But we will never recover, we will never get free of devastating debt, unless we make tough choices now. We don’t hear talk like this from leaders in D.C. or from those running for office because they say what they think we want to hear rather than what must be said.

We are in desperate need of real leadership, but President Obama’s solution to everything is to grow government by borrowing more money, spending more money, printing more money, and taxing our job creators. He once said that he “believes in American Exceptionalism…just as the Greeks believe in Greek Exceptionalism.” Well, the path he has us on will make us just as “exceptional” as Greece – debt crisis, stagnation, permanent high unemployment, and all.

As we approach 2012, there are important lessons we can learn from all of this. First, we should never entrust the White House to a far-left ideologue who has no appreciation or even understanding of the free market and limited government principles that made this country economically strong. Second, the office of the presidency is too important for on-the-job training. It requires a strong chief executive who has been entrusted with real authority in the past and has achieved a proven track record of positive measurable accomplishments. Leaders are expected to give good speeches, but leadership is so much more than oratory. Real leadership requires deeds even more than words. It means taking on the problems no one else wants to tackle. It means providing vision and guidance, inspiring people to action, bringing everyone to the table, and with a servant's heart dedicating oneself to striking agreements that keep faith with our Constitution and with the ordinary citizens who entrusted you with power. It means bucking the status quo, fighting the corrupt powers that be, serving the common good, and leaving the country better than you found it. Most of us don’t see a lot of that real leadership in D.C., and it’s profoundly disappointing.

But let me tell you where real hope lies. It’s not the hopey-changey stuff we heard about in 2008. Real hope comes from realizing how God has blessed our exceptional nation, and then doing something about it. We have been blessed with natural resources, hardworking entrepreneurs, and a Constitution that preserves the greatest form of government ever devised by man. If we develop those natural resources, allow our entrepreneurs to keep and invest more of what they earn, and adhere to the time-tested truths of our Constitution, we will prosper and endure.

But first and foremost we must tackle our debt. We don’t have the luxury of playing politics as usual. We need real leaders who will put aside their own political self-interest to do what is right for the nation. And if they don’t emerge… well, America has a do-over in November 2012.

Boehner abandons efforts to reach comprehensive debt-reduction deal

Don't look now but the Republicans are caving, as usual. It should not be a surprise that the Democrats have had success in destroying our country for over 100 years - the Republicans don't ever try to stop it! The debt ceiling should not be raised, under any circumstances!!! We will not default if it is not raised. The default argument is another Democrat lie. All they do is lie, cheat and steal.

The debt ceiling should be lowered, actually, and the feds should be forced to live within their means as they payoff the largest debt in human history. Where are leaders with common sense and backbone? Are there any in this country anymore or do we only have gutless, spineless cowards who don't care about their country? Unfortunately, I know the answer to that question. Goodbye, America. At least, you lasted a little over 200 years before the politicians succeeded in destroying you. I just hate to watch it happen. - Reggie

House Speaker John A. Boehner abandoned efforts Saturday night to reach a comprehensive debt-reduction deal worth more than $4 trillion in savings, telling President Obama that a midsize package was the only politically possible alternative to avoid a first-ever default on the nation’s mounting national debt.

Boehner (R-Ohio) told Obama — who is hosting a key meeting Sunday evening on the debt issue — that their efforts to “go big,” as the speaker says, were stymied by the toughest issues: taxes and entitlements. Democrats continued to insist on tax reforms that would not pass muster in the conservative-dominated House, and Republicans wanted cuts to programs such as Medicare and Social Security that Obama and Senate Democrats would oppose.