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Monday, December 5, 2011

S.E. Cupp Examines Growing Anti-Semitism on College Campuses

Preview: Obama’s ‘New Nationalism’ speech

from earlier today

Can We Trust Holder's Justice Dept?

YouTube description: Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, goes on Fox News' America Live with Megyn Kelly to discuss the recently released documents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives on Operation Fast and Furious, as well as the New York Times story on U.S. DEA agents laundering or smuggling millions of dollars in drug proceeds across the U.S. - Mexico border.

NRA News: Ginny Simone talks to Dan Mitchell from the CATO Institute

Stern Idiocy

A leading Obamaite union man would impose the Chinese model on his own country -- and he's hardly alone.

The professional left in America and their chattering-class useful idiots have followed a consistent pattern for a century: sympathizing with tyranny in their musings over how to implement policies fueled by jealousy and an undying fear of economic liberty.

There has hardly been a better example in recent years than Andy Stern's Wall Street Journal December 1st op-ed entitled "China's Superior Economic Model." In his article, Stern approvingly quotes Intel Corporation co-founder and former CEO Andy Grove who stated in a 2010 Business Week article that there is "emerging evidence that while free markets beat planned economies, there may be room for a modification that is even better."

Before getting to the details of why Mr. Stern, until recently the head of the Service Employees International Union -- which spent at least $27 million to help Barack Obama get elected in 2008 -- is wrong in almost every detail, can I take you back more than two decades to the "Japanese Miracle" (and American near-panic) of the 1980s?

As someone who was studying economics in college in the mid-1980s, I endured countless comments about how American corporations' narrow focus on "next quarter's earnings" (as if that were true) was congenitally inferior to the longer-term view supposedly taken by Japanese companies.

Over the next several years, the Japanese bought Rockefeller Center (from my alma mater, Columbia University), CBS Records (purchased, renamed, and still owned by Sony), and the famed Pebble Beach golf course.

Harvard professor Ezra Vogel published (actually in 1979) a book called Japan As Number One: Lessons for America, in which he argues, as a reviewer for the Economist magazine put it, "that the United States should give itself a political and cultural heart transplant. A more competitive America, he says, needs a much stronger government, an elite civil service composed of 'the ablest young people of their generation' and a White House staffed by these new mandarins." Not surprisingly, given the natural human impulse toward ego-boosting, Professor Vogel's Harvard web page (which makes no mention of his ever having studied economics) notes that the book "remains the all-time best-seller in Japan of non-fiction by a Western author." (Whether this points to Vogel's ego or the egos of Japanese readers I shall leave to your determination.)

In 1995, the Mitsubishi Group, which had purchased Rockefeller Center, forced the project into Chapter 11 bankruptcy, losing nearly two billion dollars for their efforts. And a few years later, as Golf Digest's Mark Seal put it, when Peter Ueberroth put together a group to buy Pebble Beach for less than the Japanese had paid for it, the deal "bankrupted a Japanese boom-time golden boy, and, most recently, sent an army of Japanese bankers back home with little to show for their seven years of superlative stewardship but their good names."

Since then, Japan has turned in not just one but two "lost decades" with its persistent near-zero interest rates frequently being described as "pushing on a string." According to a recent Heritage Foundation study, "In 2010, the Japanese economy looks to have been smaller than it was in 1992, an incredibly poor result. It is not just a matter of a decline in output; it is also a remarkable decline in total wealth. In 1991, excluding micro-states like Luxembourg, Japan was the fourth-richest country in the world as measured by GDP per capita. In 2010, it was no longer in the top 20, was below the OECD average, and would have likely fallen further but for Europe's own economic troubles."

So when you hear people -- especially non-economists with political agendas -- long for the statism that characterizes most of America's economic competitors, listen with great skepticism.

Now, back to the two Andys.

As you read Mr. Grove's article from which Stern gathers inspiration, it is worth noting Grove's political bent: A search of Andy Grove's political donations shows a distinct left-leaning bias. Other than small donations to the presidential campaigns of John McCain and Rudy Giuliani during the 2008 cycle , his only contribution to a Republican in the past decade was to Arlen "I lost my last election as a Democrat" Specter. (The McCain and Giuliani donations combined were less than Grove's gift to Barack Obama's presidential campaign.)

Grove argued that America is good at startups but bad at scaling up and thus bad at allowing a new technology company to jump from a few guys in a garage to something that employs hundreds or thousands of people. Yet he makes no attempt other than looking at labor costs to determine the cause of this problem and instead simply assumes that since China creates more technology manufacturing jobs than American does, it must be the fact that China's government is more involved than the U.S. government in a "strategic role setting the priorities and arraying the forces and organization (necessary for job creation)."

Could it instead be the massive regulatory burden imposed on manufacturing companies and the uncertainties created by our government, such as whether Barack Obama will get his wish and cause "electricity rates [to] necessarily skyrocket"? And if all that weren't bad enough, who would risk any business growth that might subject management to dealing with unions and the true tyrants at Obama's National Labor Relations Board? Really, if you were going to start a business that would be likely to hire a thousand or ten thousand workers, wouldn't you go out of your way to avoid people exactly like Andy Stern?

Grove, refusing to understand how the global market works rather than how he wants it to work, then turns to the left's cure-all: he calls for "an extra tax on the product of offshored labor" and adds, "If the result is a trade war, treat it like other wars -- fight to win."

But Andy Grove forgets that wars come at great cost, even to victors -- which it is far from certain we would be despite Mr. Grove's tough talk.

The Right Answer

New Mitt Romney ad

Big Dog

New Ron Paul ad

Rebuilding the America We Love

New Newt Gingrich ad

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Ethics of Eric Holder

American Thinker
When Attorney General Eric Holder recently testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee about his role in the Fast and Furious operation, where 2,000 rifles were deliberately "walked" from the United States into Mexico, his answers at times seemed incredible and stretched the limits of believability.

A few months earlier, on May the third, Holder had testified before the House that he had only recently learned of the deadly and disastrous operation.

But a series of memos  was uncovered by CBS News last October showing that during 2010, Holder had received at least five different notices concerning Fast and Furious from Michael Walther, the director of the National Drug Intelligence Center. He also received another memo from Assistant Attorney General (and long-time associate) Lanny Breuer.

But at the recent hearing, Holder stated three times that he had learned of Fast and Furious only earlier this year, after the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in Arizona. Five times Holder testified that he never saw any of the damning memos.

Senator John Cornyn from Texas queried Holder. "Those are memos with your name on it, addressed to you, referring to the Fast and Furious operation. Are you just saying you didn't read them?"

"I didn't receive them," answered Holder. "They are reviewed by my staff and a determination made as to what ought to be brought to my attention."

Cornyn then asked Holder if he had apologized to Brian Terry's family. The exchange that followed showed a coldness and lack of sensitivity that was truly stunning.

Holder: I have not apologized to them, but I certainly regret what happened.

Cornyn: Have you even talked to them?

Holder: I have not.

But Holder continued. "It is not fair, however, to assume that the mistakes that led to Fast and Furious directly led to the death of Agent Terry."

The day following the hearings, the Terry family responded to Holder with a terse and angry statement. "Mr. Holder needs to own Fast and Furious ... the Attorney General should accept responsibility immediately. It is without question, the right thing to do."

That very same day, in an apparent attempt at damage control, Holder responded with a letter addressed to Terry's parents which he immediately leaked to the press before both parents had the opportunity to read it.

None of these events should be surprising considering Mr. Holder's controversial history.

The two events that Eric Holder is most defined by before becoming attorney general were his key roles while in the Clinton administration in obtaining freedom for members of the Puerto Rican nationalist terrorist group known as the FALN (also known as the Armed Forces of National Liberation). Holder would later follow that by facilitating a pardon for fugitive billionaire Marc Rich.

In looking back at both of those controversies, the similarities to Fast and Furious now seem eerie. Holder had proclaimed sympathy for the FALN victims, but only after the terrorists had been released. He also proclaimed ignorance of both Mr. Rich and the case against him, even though the facts clearly suggest otherwise.

The FALN had conducted a deadly bombing campaign in numerous cities around America during the 1970s and '80s, setting off nearly 140 bombs that killed six and injured more than 80. Their most notorious act was the bombing of Fraunces Tavern in lower Manhattan in 1975, which killed four and injured 60 others, some of them seriously.

What slowed the FALN's reign of terror was the arrest and incarceration of nearly all of the group's members during the early eighties. When Eric Holder arrived as deputy attorney general in Janet Reno's Justice Department in 1997, he quickly took up the cause of freeing the FALN, and it became a near-obsession.

Holder met with advocates for the FALN's clemency at least nine times over the next two years, but he deliberately kept the victims of the deadly and unrepentant terrorist group out of the process. He also never spoke with any prosecutors or law enforcement who had been involved with the FALN's capture and prosecution.

In December of 1996, in the months before Holder's arrival, then-pardon attorney Margaret Love had issued a report recommending against clemency for the FALN and their closely allied group, the Macheteros (machete-wielders). The latter group was primarily based in Puerto Rico and had killed six there in a number of armed attacks.

Mr. Holder was sworn in as deputy attorney general on Friday, July 18, 1997. In Holder's first full working day the following Monday, pardon attorney staffer Susan Kuzma -- who had previously served in the Public Integrity office with Holder during the 1980s -- sent Love a memo questioning her 1996 report that had rejected clemency.

By November, Holder had fired Love and replaced her with Roger Adams, who was then a member of Holder's staff. That same month, Holder and Adams began meeting with advocates of clemency for the terrorist group.

Years later, in 2009 (and just prior to Mr. Holder's confirmation hearings before the Senate), the Los Angeles Times uncovered the fact that Holder ordered Adams to rewrite the Love report and change it to a recommendation favoring clemency.

Adams still had misgivings, so he sent a report to Holder that the terrorists should still be denied clemency. Undeterred, Holder ordered Adams to revise it. On August 31, 1998, Adams finally sent Holder the revised report, but he warned Holder's chief of staff, Kevin Ohlson, in a separate memo that if the report became public, it "would be disastrous."

In the report that Adams sent to Holder, he wrote that "I continue to have concerns," including about the fact that the victims had not been notified and that clemency could also undermine investigations and prosecutions of co-conspirators among the two allied terrorist groups.

Holder quickly came up with the idea of an "options memo," to be prepared and sent to Bill Clinton, that contained no specific recommendations. Acting on Ohlson's orders, Adams complied.

But Holder's efforts still languished until early 1999, when Hillary Clinton announced that she was running for an open Senate seat in New York.

Between March and July of 1999, White House staff with ties to Mrs. Clinton began frequent meetings with FALN advocates, and soon White House Counsel Charles Ruff became involved. In July, Mr. Holder was turned to for an assist, and the Holder/Adams "options memo" went to Ruff on the 8th.

And in a move that would remain hidden until 2009, Holder had sent Mr. Clinton his own personal recommendation for clemency. That memo was acknowledged by Holder, but Mr. Clinton (and now President Obama) refused to make it public.

Egypt’s Descent

Mark Steyn
Two-thirds of the Arab world’s largest nation is voting for sharia.

I’ve been alarmed by the latest polls. No, not from Iowa and New Hampshire, although they’re unnerving enough. It’s the polls from Egypt. Foreign policy has not played a part in the U.S. presidential campaign, mainly because we’re so broke that the electorate seems minded to take the view that if government is going to throw trillions of dollars down the toilet they’d rather it was an Al Gore–compliant Kohler model in Des Moines or Poughkeepsie than an outhouse in Waziristan. Alas, reality does not arrange its affairs quite so neatly, and the world that is arising in the second decade of the 21st century is increasingly inimical to American interests, and likely to prove even more expensive to boot.

In that sense, Egypt is instructive. Even in the giddy live–from–Tahrir Square heyday of the “Arab Spring” and “Facebook Revolution,” I was something of a skeptic. Back in February, I chanced to be on Fox News with Megyn Kelly within an hour or so of Mubarak’s resignation. Over on CNN, Anderson Cooper was interviewing telegenic youthful idealists cooing about the flowering of a new democratic Egypt. Back on Fox, sourpuss Steyn was telling Megyn that this was “the unraveling of the American Middle East” and the emergence of a post-Western order in the region. In those days, I was so much of a pessimist I thought that in any election the Muslim Brotherhood would get a third of the votes and be the largest party in parliament. By the time the actual first results came through last week, the Brothers had racked up 40 percent of the vote — in Cairo and Alexandria, the big cities wherein, insofar as they exist, the secular Facebooking Anderson Cooper types reside. In second place were their principal rivals, the Nour party, with up to 15 percent of the ballots. “Nour” translates into English as “the Even More Muslim Brotherhood.” As the writer Barry Rubin pointed out, if that’s how the urban sophisticates vote, wait till you see the upcountry results. By the time the rural vote emerges from the Nile Delta and Sinai early next month, the hard-core Islamists will be sitting pretty. In the so-called Facebook Revolution, two-thirds of the Arab world’s largest nation is voting for the hard, cruel, bigoted, misogynistic song of sharia.

The short 90-year history of independent Egypt is that it got worse. Mubarak’s Egypt was worse than King Farouk’s Egypt, and what follows from last week’s vote will be worse still. If you’re a Westernized urban woman, a Coptic Christian, or an Israeli diplomat with the goons pounding the doors of your embassy, you already know that. The Kingdom of Egypt in the three decades before the 1952 coup was flawed and ramshackle and corrupt, but it was closer to a free-ish pluralist society than anything in the years since. In 1923, its finance minister was a man called Joseph Cattaui, a member of parliament, and a Jew. Couldn’t happen today. Mr. Cattaui’s grandson wrote to me recently from France, where the family now lives. In the unlikely event the forthcoming Muslim Brotherhood government wish to appoint a Jew as finance minister, there are very few left available. Indeed, Jews are so thin on the ground that those youthful idealists in Tahrir Square looking for Jews to club to a pulp have been forced to make do with sexually assaulting hapless gentiles like the CBS News reporter Lara Logan. It doesn’t fit the narrative, so even Miss Logan’s network colleagues preferred to look away. We have got used to the fact that Egypt is now a land without Jews. Soon it will be a land without Copts. We’ll get used to that, too.

Since the collapse of the Warsaw Pact two decades ago we have lived in a supposedly “unipolar” world. Yet somehow it doesn’t seem like that, does it? The term “Facebook Revolution” presumes that technology marches in the cause of modernity. But in Khartoum a few years ago a citywide panic that shaking hands with infidels caused your penis to vanish was spread by text messaging. In London, young Muslim men used their cellphones to share Islamist snuff videos of Westerners being beheaded in Iraq. In les banlieues of France, satellite TV and the Internet enable third-generation Muslims to lead ever more disassimilated, segregated lives, immersed in an electronic pan-Islamic culture, to a degree that would have been impossible for their grandparents. To assume that Western technology in and of itself advances the cause of Western views on liberty or women’s rights or gay rights is delusional.

D.E.A. Launders Mexican Profits of Drug Cartels

WASHINGTON — Undercover American narcotics agents have laundered or smuggled millions of dollars in drug proceeds as part of Washington’s expanding role in Mexico’s fight against drug cartels, according to current and former federal law enforcement officials.

The agents, primarily with the Drug Enforcement Administration, have handled shipments of hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal cash across borders, those officials said, to identify how criminal organizations move their money, where they keep their assets and, most important, who their leaders are.

They said agents had deposited the drug proceeds in accounts designated by traffickers, or in shell accounts set up by agents.

The officials said that while the D.E.A. conducted such operations in other countries, it began doing so in Mexico only in the past few years. The high-risk activities raise delicate questions about the agency’s effectiveness in bringing down drug kingpins, underscore diplomatic concerns about Mexican sovereignty, and blur the line between surveillance and facilitating crime. As it launders drug money, the agency often allows cartels to continue their operations over months or even years before making seizures or arrests.

Agency officials declined to publicly discuss details of their work, citing concerns about compromising their investigations. But Michael S. Vigil, a former senior agency official who is currently working for a private contracting company called Mission Essential Personnel, said, “We tried to make sure there was always close supervision of these operations so that we were accomplishing our objectives, and agents weren’t laundering money for the sake of laundering money.”

Another former agency official, who asked not to be identified speaking publicly about delicate operations, said, “My rule was that if we are going to launder money, we better show results. Otherwise, the D.E.A. could wind up being the largest money launderer in the business, and that money results in violence and deaths.”

Those are precisely the kinds of concerns members of Congress have raised about a gun-smuggling operation known as Fast and Furious, in which agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives allowed people suspected of being low-level smugglers to buy and transport guns across the border in the hope that they would lead to higher-level operatives working for Mexican cartels. After the agency lost track of hundreds of weapons, some later turned up in Mexico; two were found on the United States side of the border where an American Border Patrol agent had been shot to death.

Former D.E.A. officials rejected comparisons between letting guns and money walk away. Money, they said, poses far less of a threat to public safety. And unlike guns, it can lead more directly to the top ranks of criminal organizations.

“These are not the people whose faces are known on the street,” said Robert Mazur, a former D.E.A. agent and the author of a book about his years as an undercover agent inside the MedellĂ­n cartel in Colombia. “They are super-insulated. And the only way to get to them is to follow their money.”

Another former drug agency official offered this explanation for the laundering operations: “Building up the evidence to connect the cash to drugs, and connect the first cash pickup to a cartel’s command and control, is a very time consuming process. These people aren’t running a drugstore in downtown L.A. that we can go and lock the doors and place a seizure sticker on the window. These are sophisticated, international operations that practice very tight security. And as far as the Mexican cartels go, they operate in a corrupt country, from cities that the cops can’t even go into.”

The laundering operations that the United States conducts elsewhere — about 50 so-called Attorney General Exempt Operations are under way around the world — had been forbidden in Mexico after American customs agents conducted a cross-border sting without notifying Mexican authorities in 1998, which was how most American undercover work was conducted there up to that point.

PROTECT IP / SOPA Act Breaks the Internet

Forbes: How Congress and the Entertainment Industry Plan to Kill the Internet and How Citizens, Reddit Users, and a Few Senators Are Fighting Back

h/t Congressman Darrell Issa

Rush Explains the Hoax of the 8.6% Unemployment Stat

from December 2nd

Rand Paul on Possible American Detainees

This is a very controversial amendment to the defense spending bill that has passed 97-3 in the US Senate. I posted Senator Mike Lees' floor speech concerning this a few days ago.

However, Andrew McCarthy has written a couple of articles about this and he really comes down hard on Senator Rand Paul and Judge Andrew Napolitano saying they are extremists and wrong.

Read the articles here and here, watch the videos and decide for yourself. - Reggie

Kentucky senator on his opposition to defense spending bill

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Huckabee Presidential Forum

Mike Huckabee moderated a Presidential Forum on his Fox News Channel TV show this evening and six candidates participated. Jon Huntsman declined to attend and Herman Cain suspended his campaign this afternoon. The remaining "regulars" were there.

The forum was quite unique in that each candidate appeared alone with the questioners for eleven minutes so there was no bickering back and forth. The questioners were the Attorneys General from the states of Oklahoma, Virginia & Florida. The debate topics were Federalism and the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

I truly enjoyed this debate and think it is one of the top two I've seen. The worst part was the Florida Attorney General. She didn't appear to be very bright but, perhaps, this is the first debate where she has asked the questions and was overcome with a case of nerves. I'm sure Florida voters hope that's the case. - Reggie

Rick Perry: Faith

New Rick Perry ad

Turning Toys to Fine Art

A little change of pace for Saturday night. This video clip is from Fox & Friends Weekend early this morning. - Reggie

Nathan Sawaya builds sculptures with Legos

Full Speech: Herman Cain drops out of the race for president

via The Right Scoop

Herman Cain nearing decision on candidacy

Embattled presidential candidate Herman Cain is expected to announce Saturday whether he will continue his campaign in the wake of an accusation that he conducted a 13-year extramarital affair.

At a town hall in South Carolina on Friday afternoon, Cain said he will be making an announcement to “clarify what the next steps are.” A news conference had previously been scheduled for Saturday to highlight the opening of his national headquarters in his home town of Atlanta, as well as the announcement of his campaign’s freshly minted senior leadership team for Georgia.

On Friday, Cain’s campaign also quietly invited some of his supporters and donors to Atlanta on Saturday for a meeting in which he will give them advance word of whether he intends to continue his campaign, said individuals close to the campaign.

One adviser who has been summoned to the private session said he believes that Cain is likely to announce he is ending his candidacy.

Another who has been invited to the morning meeting says attendees have been told he has made no decision, but wanted to meet with some of the supporters to express his gratitude.

In an apparent signal that it had not given up the fight, the campaign Friday announced the creation of “Women for Cain,” a group headed by Cain’s wife, Gloria, and designed to “inspire a national women’s alliance in support of Herman Cain for 2012,” according to the campaign’s Web site.

Romney Declines Lincoln-Douglas Debate Against Gingrich

Honestly, I'm not surprised that Romney declined. I think a one-on-one debate with Gingrich would do irreparable harm to his chances. 

By the way, Jon Huntsman has accepted Gingrich's offer. The Huntsman-Gingrich debate is set for December 12th in New Hampshire. - Reggie

With the Republican presidential primary appearing to have narrowed into a two-man contest, Human Events and Red State moved quickly to lock down a date for a Lincoln-Douglas-style debate between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.

The two organizations went so far this past Monday as to firm up the Annenberg Theater at the Newseum in Washington as the venue on Dec. 19 after another debate originally scheduled that day was canceled. For its part, the Newseum was excited to host the pre-primary forum.

There was just one problem. While Gingrich was ready to take his place on the stage, the Romney campaign politely declined in a series of mostly e-mail exchanges.

As Joe Guerriero, publisher of Human Events and Red State, put it to RCP: “Newt was all over it, and the Romney camp basically said no. It wasn’t a harsh no, but it was a no.”

A Gingrich spokesman confirmed to RCP that the candidate was interested and accepted the invitation, but a Romney spokeswoman didn’t return a request for comment.

Guerriero explained that the impetus for the debate was this: Romney has long been presumed to be the nominee. But with Gingrich surging in the polls, why shouldn’t the Republican base get a chance to see the two top candidates go toe-to-toe?

“No disrespect to any of the other candidates,” Guerriero said, but given the state of the country, the economy, and the race to date, if Romney is to be the nominee, "he needs to go against the best debater with the deepest understanding of policy both domestic and foreign, and that appears to be Newt Gingrich.”

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Crony Capitalists Occupy D.C.

Toward changing “the economics of public service.”

Peter Schweizer’s new book, Throw Them All Out, debuted on 60 Minutes as a tale of bipartisan “honest graft,” which Schweizer says is both widespread and legal among members of Congress.

He talks to National Review Online’s Kathryn Jean Lopez about the book, Occupy Wall Street, the Tea Party, and a movie role for Mark Steyn.

KATHRYN JEAN LOPEZ: You open the book with Chesterton. Is there really anything new under the sun if Gilbert Keith was on to it? Or is there just nothing new under the sun?

PETER SCHWEIZER: Chesterton understood that politicians are capitalists. They are looking to enrich themselves in office. What is new under the sun is the methods they use. The old methods — bribes, kickbacks, etc. — are old hat. They are inefficient, not cost-effective, and they can get you thrown into jail. So instead of taking a bribe for $10,000, the Permanent Political Class in Washington gets access to special IPO shares of stake that will net them ten times that amount in a day. Or they buy stock options with inside information and double their money. And let’s not forget those land deals where they use earmarks to boost their own property values. It’s all very profitable. And has the added advantage of being legal.

LOPEZ: Is it just to “Throw Them All Out”?

SCHWEIZER: What I mean is that everyone needs to have a zero-tolerance policy on legal graft. I don’t care if I agree with a politician 95 percent of the time on the issues. If he’s getting rich on insider deals, I will no longer support him. Both sides need to embrace a zero-tolerance policy. I honestly believe the future of the country is at stake.

LOPEZ: “Ideology and political philosophy matter in Washington, but often less than you might think. Honest graft is generally bipartisan. Complex bills that are hundreds or even thousands of pages long can contain a single sentence or word that translates into money and that can influence how a politician votes.” This sounds like Mr. Smith. Have you thought about making a movie? Perhaps your book is only the beginning.

SCHWEIZER: A movie sounds great. Who should play the role of the earnest senator . . . perhaps Mark Steyn? In all seriousness, I used to think that the great debates in Washington were about philosophy and ideas. Actually, they are less important than we think. Politics is increasingly a business. One academic study looked at the TARP vote and found that the determining factor in whether someone voted for or against was not political party or ideology. It was whether they owned bank stocks or not. Those who did voted heavily in favor of the bailout. Those who didn’t tended to vote against.

LOPEZ: Is this what the Tea Party wants?

SCHWEIZER: What is so refreshing about the Tea Party is that they don’t make excuses for anyone. They are genuinely committed to the idea of a citizen legislature and are fiercely opposed to crony capitalism.

Read the rest of the interview

Rick Perry Ad for Jay Leno Show Only

New Rick Perry ad

AUSTIN – The Perry campaign today released a 30-second television advertisement, “What’s That Line Again?” which will air one night only tonight in Iowa during Gov. Perry’s appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

“While the rest of GOP field is busy handling scandals, inconsistencies and contradictions on important issues, Gov. Perry’s appearance on Leno and his special Leno ad show he is confident enough to use the attention from last month’s Michigan debate to highlight his status as the true outsider conservative in the Republican field,” said Perry campaign communications director Ray Sullivan.

Activist Boasts of Communist Leadership in Occupy Movement – Links to Re-election of Obama

While addressing a gathering of the international communist front World Federation of Democratic Youth,  in Lisbon Portugal, November 10, 2011, Young Communist League USA organizer  Lisa Bergmann, boasted of communist leadership in the US “Occupy” movement and their desire to harness the movement  to the re-election campaign of President Barack Obama.

Lisa Bergmann, Communist

Addressing the assembled young comrades, Bergmann made no bones about communist participation in, and initiation of , “Occupy” encampments all over the United States. (Emphasis added)
My name is Lisa Bergmann from the Young Communist League USA.  On behalf of our organization I would like to thank WFDY and the Japaneses Communist Party for hosting this inspiring, well-organized event and for ensuring that the YCLUSA could be here with all of you today.  The Young Communist League USA stands firmly, as it always has, united with all of you against U.S. imperialism, greed, and war…
Youth in the United States are shouting at the top of their lungs that the U.S. capitalist economic system has failed them… thousands of youth in the United States are taking to the streets to demand a better world.
Inspired by the “Arab Spring” and other youth movements in Europe and Latin America, the Occupy Wall Street Movement began in the heart of the U.S. capitalist system, and has now spread to more than 300 cities in the United States. Occupy is predominantly a youth movement, calling attention to the unprecedented wealth inequalities that exist in our country…  While the participants in the Occupy movement are members of a wide variety of groups, they all identify as part of the “99” percent of people who do not have access to the country’s wealth.  The labor movement in the U.S. has been one of the strongest allies to the Occupy movement.  Other participants in the Occupy movement include peace activist groups, veterans, elected officials, immigrant rights groups, and of course the Communist Party and the Young Communist League! The Young Communist League, even though we are in a re-building phase, has participated in Occupy in every city where we exist, and has even initiated the Occupy chapters in some cities.  Leaders of the Young Communist League and leaders of the Communist party have been arrested in Chicago on two separate occasions during police raids on the Occupy movement.
Bergmann went on to highlight the role of the labor movement and the rallying cry of “job creation” to unite a the youth and labor movement behind socialist aligned Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and President Obama’s “job creation” bills.

Read the rest of the article

Cain: Wife didn't know about friendship, ‘financial assistance' to Ginger White

This is disturbing. If a man has a friendship with a woman and gives her money without telling his wife, there is something wrong. The only reason to hide this information from your wife is because you are guilty of doing something wrong or your heart tells you what you are doing is wrong. An innocent man would be open and tell his wife everything.

Mr. Cain should have realized this information would come out if he ran for President. My heart goes out to his wife and family. They will never see him in the same light again. As a matter of fact, this run for President may cost him much more than just losing an election. - Reggie

MANCHESTER - Herman Cain acknowledged Thursday that he repeatedly gave Ginger White money to help her with "month-to-month bills and expenses" without telling his wife.

In fact, the embattled presidential candidate said, his wife, Gloria, "did not know that we were friends until she (White) came out with this story" alleging that the two had a 13-year extramarital affair.

In his most candid interview since the latest allegations emerged, Cain adamantly maintained that he and White were no more than friends.

Cain also stated clearly for the first time that as a result of the constant controversy he has been facing, he is considering getting out of the presidential race.

Asked whether leaving the race is one of the options he is currently assessing, Cain said, “Yes, it is an option.” Regarding his decision, he said, "You will know by next week" as he takes the weekend to reassess where he stands in the campaign.

Cain said he believes that “someone offered (White) a lot of money” to make the allegation. He said he can't prove it.

Overall, Cain told the New Hampshire Union Leader, “One of the things that I have learned in this situation is that running for President has become a very dirty game. It's a dirty game - OK?”

Watch the full interview here.

UPDATE: Herman Cain was interviewed by Sean Hannity earlier this evening. He still adamantly denies an affair with any of the accusers and he seems sincere. It is quite evident all of this is having a huge affect on him. Very sad.

Michelle Malkin Makes a Case Against Newt

from Fox and Friends this morning

And there is this...

Newt Gingrich on Hannity

Sean Hannity spent his entire show with Newt Gingrich last night.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Once You Go Conservative Black, You Better Watch Your Back

by Ann Coulter

With the mainstream media giddily reporting on an alleged affair involving Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, how long can it be before they break the news that their 2004 vice presidential candidate conceived a "love child" with his mistress, Rielle Hunter?

The left is trying to destroy Cain with a miasma of hazy accusations leveled by three troubled women. Considered individually, the accusations are utterly unbelievable. They are even less credible taken together. This is how liberals destroy a man, out of nothing.

After the first round of baseless accusations against Cain, an endless stream of pundits rolled out the cliche -- as if it were the height of originality -- "This isn't he said-she said; it's he-said, she-said, she-said, she-said, she–said."

Au contraire: We had two "shes" and only one "said."

Remember? Only two women were willing to give their names. And as soon as they did, we discovered that they were highly suspicious accusers with nothing more than their personal honor to support the allegations. Only one of the two would even say what Cain allegedly did.

The first one was Sharon Bialek, who claimed that Cain grabbed her crotch in a car.

Then we found out Bialek was in constant financial trouble, had been involved in a paternity lawsuit, was known as a "gold digger," had a string of debts and had twice filed for personal bankruptcy. Also, she admitted she knew Obama's dirty tricks specialist, David Axelrod, from living in the same building with him.

Her personal history is relevant because she produced no evidence. We had to take her word. (Which was not helped by seeing her standing with Gloria Allred.)

The second one, Karen Kraushaar, made unspecified allegations of a "hostile environment" when she was working for Cain, but refuses to say what those allegations were. This despite the fact that the National Restaurant Association waived her confidentiality agreement, thus allowing her to go public.

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This is another surprise to me. I remember seeing Gingrich insult Paul Ryan's budget plan on Meet the Press a few days after he declared his run for POTUS and I thought, "Well, his candidacy was short." So, as I watch him rise, it is very surprising to see. - Reggie

Newt Gingrich holds a 24-point lead in Florida over his closest competitor for the Republican presidential nomination, according to a survey of likely GOP primary voters released Wednesday.

Gingrich took 41 percent of the support in a Florida Times-Union poll, followed by Mitt Romney with 17 percent, Herman Cain with 13 percent, Rick Perry with 7 percent, Ron Paul with 4 percent, Michele Bachmann with 3 percent and Rick Santorum with 1 percent.

“I have not seen a lead this large, this late in a Republican presidential primary season since I have been polling," InsiderAdvantage pollster Matt Towery told the Times-Union. "Newt Gingrich is winning nearly 50% of the independent vote, but more importantly, the Republican vote which makes up the vast majority of the Florida Republican primary."

And there is this shocker...