Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fred Thompson Says ‘old score-settling' at Play Against Newt Gingrich

I lived in Tennessee in 1994 when the Republicans won the majority in the House after forty years of Democrat rule and I voted for Fred Thompson for Senate that year. He was a citizen legislator that served a few years and then left Washington to return to the private sector. I have no doubt he would still be in the U.S. Senate if he had chosen to run again in 2004.

I also remember watching C-SPAN, live in January 1995, as Newt Gingrich was sworn in as Speaker of the House. One of the first things he did, as Speaker, was to create Thomas. Named for Thomas Jefferson, it is the website where the public is able to find every piece of legislation online. I saw Gingrich unveil Thomas on C-SPAN and wondered why no one had thought of doing this before.

Gingrich is not perfect but he is a visionary and an agent of change. Instead of these candidates fighting in the arena of ideas Romney and his surrogates have decided on a scorched earth campaign because they know he can not win on the merits. This decision is a huge mistake and Romney will reap what he has sown. - Reggie

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