Sunday, January 1, 2012

'The Ron Paul Chronicles'

Jon Huntsman has finally put out a new ad and it is a humdinger! It puts Ron Paul in The Twilight Zone.

It's interesting that Huntsman is attacking Paul instead of Romney or Gingrich. - Reggie


Anonymous said...

LOL...I thought they may have had something on Mr. Paul when I hit the play button. The funny thing is most of what he is saying in the video is either true or taken out of context. Just because they added the twilight theme to his words does not make what he says untrue. Is this all they can come up with????

Reggie said...

That is your opinion. In my opinion, it is a very effective ad and if it is run enough times, it will hurt Ron Paul.

Truth is rarely a concern in political ads. The idea is to attack your opponent and make the voter question whether or not they want to vote for them.