Wednesday, January 11, 2012

'When Mitt Romney Came to Town' Released

The documentary film, 'When Mitt Romney Came to Town,' produced by Winning our Future has been released. They have embedded it in their two websites so until I can get a copy embedded on Republic Heritage, you can go to either site to watch it.

I have worked all day and haven't had a chance to watch it so I can't comment on it yet. Somehow, though, I think Newt Gingrich's chance for the nomination may have been destroyed with this. Time will tell. - Reggie

UPDATE: I have found a version to embed here but if they remove it, you can still watch the film by clicking on either link below.

YouTube description:
January 11, 2012 - I am not endorsing the PAC that released this video, nor the candidate that the PAC supports. However, the video itself is still a fascinating perspective on Mitt Romney.

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