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Why all the Ron Paul Passion?

I wanted to write an article that answers some of the questions that were asked in the article below written by a good friend of mine, Dr. Michael Brown.  I am one of those passionate Ron Paul supporters.  I have many reasons why I am a Ron Paul supporter but I will only focus on answering some of the questions that Dr. Brown brought up in his article: Why Are Ron Paul's Followers So Touchy?

It is true that Ron Paul has the ability to ignite a passion in people that the other candidates just can't.  There are some Ron Paul supporters that are over the top.  Countless times I have read comments posted by his supporters that are full of profanity and abusive language.  These supporters hurt Paul more then they help.

I have come to realize that it isn't Ron Paul the man that is the big deal; it is what he stands for, what he says and believes that people adhere to so much. Almost every other candidate is more polished and speaks more eloquently then Paul does but that does not slow him down nor does it bother his supporters. Ron Paul has the ability to turn the light on and once you have seen that light you rarely will go back or support anyone else.  This explains why, for the most part he only rises in the polls and rarely sinks.  Not many people can say that they agree with everything their candidate stands for.  For the most part, Paul supporters can.

Many times Ron Paul is misunderstood on many of his positions. If you understand his views through the lens of the constitution you may quickly come to the conclusion that he is right. As absurd as some of the things he says sound when you do your homework on the constitution and what our founders envisioned for America you soon see that Paul is right on the money and every other candidate, although having certain strengths, are far from the constitution.

Here are some issues that I will attempt to answer:

Ron Paul downplays the threat of radical Islam:

The fact is, Ron Paul is the only candidate that wants to focus on our borders here at home and quit worrying about the borders between other nations. He wants to bring the troops home.  This alone would save us millions. Ron Paul has stated time and time again that he would be concerned if Iran acquired a nuclear weapon but that there is no evidence that they are even close to acquiring one. We also must look at what the constitution says on the matter. In a nut shell it says "mind your own business." I find it humorous that those who claim to be die hard constitutionalists are so willing to turn a blind eye when the constitution does not line up with what they really believe.  Folks, we need to wake up and realize that we are broke.  We can’t afford to nation build anymore no matter what our beliefs are.  Ron Paul is the only one that is willing to face reality on this point.

Ron Paul is anti-Israel:

Ron Paul is probably the closest friend to Israel out of all the candidates.  He firmly believes that they should have their sovereignty.  He also believes that the US should stay out of their business. In Dr. Browns article he quotes a former Paul aid as saying; “most certainly Anti-Israel, and Anti-Israeli in general. He wishes the Israeli state did not exist at all. . . . He sides with the Palestinians, and supports their calls for the abolishment of the Jewish state, and the return of Israel, all of it, to the Arabs.” I personally have never heard Ron Paul say anything to that effect. I have noticed that people love putting words in his mouth.

The following is a great video that explains this well:

Ron Paul's Foreign Policy:

In Dr. Browns article he asks the question: Are his foreign policies na├»ve, or does he really understand the nature of anti-American “blowback”?  I have seen time and time again how more people than not are very ignorant when it comes to how our foreign policy affects us as a country.  The CIA is in agreement with Paul when it comes to "blowback".  I find myself laughing at the people laughing at Ron Paul when he tries to educate them on this subject.  Here is a great video on the subject:

Ron Paul's Newsletters:

As far as the Ron Paul newsletters controversy is concerned I encourage everyone to do their homework to make their own decision. I have looked up the videos on YouTube of interviews with Paul during those years and have never heard him say anything like what was written in the newsletters.  Keep in mind that the media is rotating about 8 sentences out of thousands in an effort to discredit him.  In a recent interview he disavowed the “bad” things that were written and reaffirmed that he was not the author of the “bad” stuff.  He also stated that he had 9 employees at the time and was not the editor of the newsletter.  He also humbly said that he was not perfect and it was unfortunate that information got by him while being manager.  I happen to believe him, not just because he said it but because of the mountain of evidence that validates his true positions on the issues.  I think it is good policy to judge a man by what you see him do and hear him say.  Not what others say about him.

One of the comments left in response to Dr. Brown’s article was from Doug.  He said:

"We're touchy about the fact that the money we have worked so many years to save buys less every day. We're touchy because American soldiers are being sent halfway around the world to do nothing but waste money and incite hatred of America instead of being used for DEFENSE against invasion (the Mexican border, perhaps?). We're touchy about little old ladies and little kids being fondled in airports by creepy losers who aren't qualified to operate a deep fryer at McDonald's. We're touchy about local police using federal tax money to purchase tanks and military clothing and weapons to use against Americans. We're touchy about a trillion and a half dollars being added to the national debt EVERY YEAR".

Unfortunately, Ron Paul is THE ONLY candidate that would work to change our nation for the good and stop our runaway government.  He isn't fighting for himself.  He is fighting for each individual American.


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