Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Audacity of Obama's Secularism

God has no rights in a culture dominated by fashionable bigots.

The secularists of the French Revolution regarded the Roman Catholic Church as the last obstacle to atheism's final triumph. Blurting this out, the French dilettante Denis Diderot proposed to his fellow revolutionaries that they strangle the last priest with the "guts of the last king."

Under this spirit, the forces of secularism picked up speed in the 18th and 19th century, went into overdrive in the 20th, and now floor it in the 21st. Barack Obama is the one these revolutionaries have been "waiting for." He is the stealth radical, soft in temperament but hard in thought, who seeks to use religiosity without religion to purge all traces of God from public life.

Not wanting to repeat John Kerry's electoral debacle -- which even Nancy Pelosi attributed to the leaden senator's undisguised secularism -- Obama worked hard to con the religious into voting for him in 2008. He "valued" religion, particularly the votes of the religious. On his campaign web page, "people of faith" enjoyed their own special slot, a mere two tabs down from the "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community."

Obama cast himself as a "post-partisan" politician on matters of the spirit. He found fawning dupes in the religious community to provide him with pulpits and platforms for faux-pensive addresses on his newly conceived "connection between politics and religion." This pretentious throat clearing amounted to nothing more than Alinskyite advice to his fellow Democrats that they exploit religion for secularist and socialist purposes.

Vulgar and violent French Revolutionaries paid the Catholic Church the small courtesy of candor. Obama prefers deception and sweet sophistries. But the announcement of his attempt to strangle Catholic schools and hospitals through an HHS contraceptive/abortifacient mandate will make his con job a little more tricky in 2012. Not that he can't pull it off. Democratic strategists have informed the press that they are confident his anti-Catholic bigotry won't threaten his reelection.   

Obama's Fifth Column within the Church also stands ready to help. The National Catholic Reporter, to take one example, has run a sympathetic editorial about his HHS mandate. And even ostensible opponents of it on the Catholic left and center already reveal the white flag near at hand. In the last few days, they have been blubbering weakly that the issue is not "contraception" -- a subject on which they agree with the president -- but the etiquette of partisan coordination and team play. In other words, the heretical priests and nuns who shilled for Obamacare feel that the president has made them look like old fools by exposing its secularist underbelly for all to see.

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