Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Beck Site Attacks Sarah Palin Over Trig Article, Writer Calls Palin-Supporter ‘Whore’

Since the Republican primary has been underway, I've noticed that Glenn Beck has done some questionable things. He berates, mocks and attacks any and all Newt Gingrich or Ron Paul supporters that call his radio show. For days, he, Pat and Stu ridiculed Newt Gingrich mercilessly and I could hear the anger in Beck's voice as he talked about Gingrich.

Now, his "news" site, The Blaze, is attacking Sarah Palin. Why? Well, my best guess is that she continues to encourage people to vote for Gingrich in order for the primary process to continue. Unfortunately, Beck's hatred for Gingrich is so intense that he strikes out at anyone that has a kind word for Newt.

Honestly, I believe Palin knows that Romney is the weakest candidate in the field and the only way for the country to find that out is for the primaries to keep going. I also think she encouraged people to vote for Gingrich because he has been Romney's major competitor up to now. After tonight (Colorado, Minnesota & Missouri) she may begin encouraging people to vote for Rick Santorum (Glenn Beck's pick) in order to stretch out the nomination process.

None of this is a legitimate reason to attack Sarah Palin. I would suggest Beck come to his senses or the network he is building may crumble around his feet. - Reggie 

***ADDED: Something else the Blaze didn’t bother to share was this.

You have to wonder what’s going on with Glenn Beck.

Beck’s fall from grace started when his site, The Blaze, falsely attacked James O’Keefe — to the delight of the very people who used to attack Beck. Then Beck, of all things, betrayed the Tea Party in the worst way any conservative could. I thought he’d hit bottom with that. After all, how much lower can you go than selling out to the mainstream media?

Glenn Beck

Well, yesterday, what I thought had been a rhetorical question was answered when The Blaze went full Andrew Sullivan, full Politico, full Wonkette, and and attacked Sarah Palin over a situation involving her family.

The Governor’s sin? Composing what amounts to a touching article about her family’s life with Trig – Todd and Sarah Palin’s youngest son with Down Syndrome.

To understand how misleading the Blaze attack is, you first have to read what Beck’s writer, a piece of work named Eddie Scarry (more on him below), wrote:
What’s the first thing that came to mind when you heard that Rick Santorum‘s special needs child was in the hospital with pneumonia late last month? I bet all of Mitt Romney‘s money it wasn’t Sarah Palin unless you are Sarah Palin. …

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