Monday, March 12, 2012

Andrew Breitbart

I worked, as usual on March 1st and when I got home, I started downloading the podcasts I listen to for the next work day. I always hear the podcasts a day after they are posted.

As they were downloading, I read the program descriptions and saw "Andrew Breitbart dead at 43." I was stunned. My mouth dropped open, I sat motionless for a few moments and then I turned on a TV trying to find out any information I could about what had happened to him.

As the evening went on, I saw short reports on the news and read as much as I could on every site I could think of but all I could find out was he had died of natural causes. Eventually, the reports started to reveal he had collapsed on the street and died of a heart attack. So sudden. So young. So devastating.

Andrew Breitbart had become the fearless warrior in our movement to return to the Constitution's mandate of limited federal government and he was a fixture at just about every Tea Party event in the country. He was constantly exposing the lies of the left, breaking news stories detailing their illegal activities and giving them fits as they tried to figure out his next move against them.

I was thrilled when he started his Big sites and I have posted dozens of stories on this blog from Big Government, Big Journalism and Big Peace since those sites were launched. I was really looking forward to his Big Education site that he talked of so often. Only the Breitbart Team knows whether or not that site will materialize but before his death, he designed the new Breitbart site that now houses all of the Big sites under one roof.

Losing Breitbart is one of the saddest things that has happened in quite some time. I can't imagine the pain his wife, children, family and friends are feeling but I know his death has impacted me in a way I never would have thought would happen. You see, I never met Andrew Breitbart but I knew him just the same. We all knew him because he shared his values, passions and his life with America. The fight to save America goes on and we must pray God will give each of us the fearlessness Andrew Breitbart possessed.

RIP Andrew. You are, and will continue to be, greatly missed.


Andrew spoke at CPAC 2012 less than a month before his death. Please, be forewarned. There is some adult language in this video.

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