Sunday, March 25, 2012

Etch-a-Sketch Romney

The classic Etch-a-Sketch
The Republican party is nominating a train wreck. It is continually obvious that Mitt Romney (affectionately known at Republic Heritage as Mr. Etch-a-Sketch) is an opportunist and a chameleon that changes his "beliefs" almost as often as his campaign changes locations in order to acquire more votes.

Yes, vote for Romney, the candidate without a core or a conscience. The candidate that changes with the weather. The candidate that told the voters in the south he "believes" English should be the primary language in our country and the same candidate that told the voters in Puerto Rico English should not be a requirement in order for them to become the 51st state. Yes, America, Romney said these two opposite "beliefs" within days of each other.

He is the weakest candidate in the field and the one that aligns more with Obama's "beliefs" than any of the other GOP candidates. It appears he will be the nominee (unless God intervenes somehow and saves us from ourselves! Brokered convention, anyone?) and I truly believe he will lose.

We need a stark contrast between Obama and the GOP nominee so Americans can see the road we've traveled and the clear alternative to that destructive road. We had that much needed contrast in 1980, the last time the GOP unseated an incumbent Democrat and I'm afraid without that contrast we will see the election of 1996.


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