Saturday, March 17, 2012

Top 10 Examples of the War on Religion

Don’t let the secularists tell you otherwise: There has been a war against religion being waged for decades by activist judges, artists, academia, liberal groups and the mainstream media. Judges have misinterpreted the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause and have tried to force religion from the public square, while a culture that is becoming increasingly decadent does all it can to denigrate, mock and sneer at people of faith. Find that hard to believe? Here is the evidence:

1. Public prayer ban

Ever since the Supreme Court’s ruling in the 1962 Engel v. Vitale case, prayer has been disallowed in public schools. That precedent has spread to include banning prayers at graduation ceremonies and before high school football games. This out-of-control assault on public prayer reached the height of absurdity last year when a federal judge in San Antonio ruled that graduating high school seniors couldn’t even say “amen, the word prayer,” or ask the audience to bow their heads. And we thought the First Amendment had a free-speech clause.

2. Hollywood’s jihad

From Martin Scorsese’s 1988 The Last Temptation of Christ—with its depiction of Jesus having sex with Mary Magdalene in a dream—to the 2009 The DaVinci Code—showing a conniving Catholic hierarchy—Hollywood is rarely kind to religious sensibilities. Indeed, characters of faith in movies are invariably portrayed as wild-eyed-fanatics, immoral preachers or judgmental creeps.

3. Violating religious conscience

President Obama’s attempt to force religious institutions to provide contraceptive services with their employees’ health care benefits justifiably caused a considerable uproar. It wasn’t the first time that people of faith have been forced to abandon their conscience or face dire consequences. Pro-lifers have had to fight to enact “conscience clauses,” which permit pharmacists and physicians to opt out of giving services that violate their religious faith, such as providing contraception and performing abortions.

4. Crèches censored

The Supreme Court ruled in the 1984 Lynch v. Donnelly case that crèches could be placed in public places only if accompanied by secular holiday symbols. That bizarre ruling was further muddied by the court’s 1989 stance in Allegheny County v. Greater Pittsburgh ACLU, which stated that including a crèche on public property violated the Constitution, while displaying a menorah on the same spot was fine. Still unsettled is exactly how many reindeers, snowmen and Santa Clauses are needed to make a crèche scene legal.

5. Media mocking

The Washington Post once called evangelicals, “poor, uneducated, and easy to lead.” That pretty much sums up the media elite’s view of religious conservatives. Most any daily newspaper reader can confirm: conservative Christians remain one of the few groups who can be treated with disdain. The sophisticates in New York and Washington newsrooms are much too enlightened to be duped by the opiate of the masses.

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