Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Firestorm Over Obama's Comments about Supreme Court

This President is doing his best to intimidate the Supreme Court of the United States so he can get the result he seeks. Thank God some judges on the 5th Circuit have the courage to do something about it! - Reggie

A federal appeals court is striking back after President Obama cautioned the Supreme Court against overturning the health care overhaul and warned that such an act would be "unprecedented."

A three-judge panel for the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday ordered the Justice Department to explain by Thursday whether the administration believes judges have the power to strike down a federal law.

A source inside the courtroom, who did not want to be identified, confirmed the incident to Fox News. The testy exchange played out during a hearing over a separate challenge to the health care law. It was apparent, however, that the justice who questioned the government attorney present was referring to Obama's recent comments about the Supreme Court's review of that law.

And there is this...

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