Monday, April 30, 2012

Leftists Manipulate Twitter to Ban Conservatives, BuzzFeed Shrugs

What happened to Chris Loesch (husband of our own Dana Loesch) last night is not a small deal. By manipulating Twitter's complaint process, Leftists were able to take down Chris's Twitter account on three different occasions and only a time-consuming Twitter storm was able to reinstate him (as of this writing he's back online). This is a big deal because the left is starting to figure out that Twitter will be a major player in this upcoming presidential election and the action they’re taking is already organized and extreme.

What troubles these Leftists is that they now know that through Twitter Americans are not only having a national conversation in an environment the left fears most -- without a mainstream media filter -- but we are also freely and without that filter exchanging ideas and information.

What truly terrifies the left, though, is that Twitter is now where media narratives are generated that the mainstream media can no longer ignore. As recently as last year, narratives inconvenient to the Left that began on Twitter (i.e., Obama wouldn't have found bin Laden without the water-boarding he opposed) and that would've surely been memory-holed otherwise, suddenly found their way into the MSM's news-cycle against the MSM's will.

Because the MSM can't ignore (and better yet, control or filter) these conversations taking place amongst millions, the media is now forced to either report on this topic or look completely out of touch with what activist America is most passionate about. Moreover, you now have thousands upon thousands of citizen journalists directly challenging the media on their biases.

Naturally, the loss of all this power greatly worries the Left, especially in an election year. And as they watched #ObamaAteDog and #FastAndFurious receive the kind of media coverage that never would've occurred without Twitter, the Left has now organized an outright cyber-vandalism campaign to silence their opposition. Moreover, now that the Left sees a vibrant and effective Twitter community pushing stories into the media, knocking dishonest ones down, and mocking every pathetic Obama 2012 hashtag gimmick, they are left with only one reply: Shut up!

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