Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ObamaCare in Action? Private Practice Shuts Down Citing 'New Regulations'

This is maddening! Yesterday, Barney Frank said "ObamaCare was a mistake" and now Senator Webb says basically the same thing. Am I crazy or did both of these men vote for ObamaCare? I seem to remember that final passage of the unconstitutional law was accomplished with only Democrat votes so why are they running from it now? It is because Americans hate even the idea of ObamaCare and we know it is unconstitutional. I pray that at least 5 Supreme Court Justices have the courage to strike down the entire law or we will still have untold damage done to our medical system just as the post below explains. - Reggie

Virginia Senator Jim Webb, a Democrat who is not running for reelection, said at at a Washington, D.C. breakfast that Obamacare would be President Barack Obama’s “biggest downside politically.” The legislation, he continued, “cost Obama a lot of credibility as a leader.”

On the same day as Senator Webb's remarks, the real-world consequences of Obamacare came to light, as a conservative South Carolina website, The Conservatist, flagged a letter that a Spartanburg, SC private practice wrote to its patients, telling them that the practice would close its doors next month.

Boiling Springs Family Medicine wrote to their patients that, presumably because of the regulations they would have to comply with under Obamacare, they would “no longer be able to provide you with medical care,” and “it is with a heavy heart that we have to inform you” of the closing.

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