Monday, April 30, 2012

White House hiding 'Fast and Furious' facts from the public?

House oversight committee chair prepared to hold Attorney General Holder in contempt


Ricky Wallace said...

Bill Hemmer is wrong when he ask if Boehner was back the house members to file the contempt charges on Eric Holder. First of all Boehner gave the green light to move forward.And secondly Rep Darrell Issa and members of the House and Oversight Committee (DOES NOT)need Boehner permission to move forward.Boehner has no say so what so ever with the Oversight Committee desicions.They only keep him informed out of respect becuse he is the house leader.

Ricky Wallace said...

Bill Hemmer was wrong when he said that the house cant move forward with out his permission.
1st(R)House Leader John Boehner has ho say so to the matters of the House Oversight Committee.Rep-Issa does not need his permission to move forward.
2 They do how ever keep Leader Boehner informed out of respect,because he is the House Leader.
3rd Leader Boehner has given the green light to move forward