Sunday, May 6, 2012

Is Eugenics Reemerging?

Please, click on the link below to see two other videos, posters and read the rest of the article. We seem to be returning to the horrors of the past. - Reggie

Glenn Beck dedicated this past week to saluting heroes who have faced great odds and defied those who have sought to silence them — from Ted Nugent, to former NSA whistle-blowers, to the beleaguered Dutch politician Geert Wilders. Beck ended his week-long tribute with a profound program featuring children living, and more pointedly, thriving with disabilities.

The special was meant to underscore the devastating effects of Eugenics and the fact that these viable human beings would not have been given the opportunity to even come into existence at all if selective sterilization, abortion and euthanasia-driven policies were allowed re-entry into the American landscape. The fear is not so far-fetched either, given the nation’s troubling history with the controversial practice.

While Beck has been a steadfast opponent of the progressive policy, consistently arguing that the threat of its reemergence is growing under left-wing lawmakers, this particular segment was spurred by a recent appearance on the Dr. Phil program of a woman seeking permission to end her two disabled children’s (now adults) lives — both of whom are lingering in a vegetative state. The mother argued that medicinal euthanasia, like the kind once administered by the late Dr. Jack Kevorkian, is more humane than the alternative, which is to disconnect her children’s feeding tubes. Of course it is a heartrending situation for any parent to find themselves in, and one that will likely be exploited by leftists to support their view that the state should have control over who lives and who never gets to come into existence at all.

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