Monday, May 14, 2012

Newsweek Finally Goes Where None Have Gone Before

Yes, it is obviously time for the press to ramp up their idol worship again. Until this man ran for office four years ago, I don't ever remember seeing pictures of anyone with a halo above their head except Jesus, the Savior of the World! Well, I must change a quote from some years ago... I serve Jesus, I know Jesus, Jesus is a friend of mine. Mr President, you're no Jesus Christ, Savior of the World! By the way, only Jesus is to be worshiped, not a man. Especially not a man that shakes his fist in the face of God. - Reggie

Are you kidding me? I get that Andrew Sullivan is a man with an agenda and I completely support his right to make his opinions heard. I also understand that Newsweek – like any other publication – is in business to make a profit and that frequently involves pushing the envelope in terms of catching the public’s attention. But at what point is too much simply too much? When is the shark definitively jumped and the daily bread burned past any reasonable definition of being toast? Ladies and gentlemen, this would be that point.

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