Sunday, June 24, 2012

Death by Government Health Care

Roger Hedgecock
The world waits in breathless suspense for the Supreme Court's ruling on the constitutionality of ObamaCare.

Obama readies contingency plans for implementation of all or part of his signature legislative achievement should the Supreme Court validate Obamacare or invalidate only parts of it. If the Supreme Court throws out the whole act, then Obama will run against the Supreme Court in November.

Republicans in the House ready a plan to repeal the whole thing and start over.

Before all this becomes the total focus of our attention, let's step back and consider the first question that should be asked: is Government involvement in your health a good thing?

Obviously everyone would like someone else to pay for their health care, that's the promise politicians make. Then comes the "implementation" with gargantuan bureaucracies, reams of forms, and unreadable and unworkable regulations. Soon followed by fraud, investigations, commissions, new legal mandates and "protections", and an even bigger and more expensive bureaucracy.

Just as in government education, where half of many K-12 school districts' employees are not teachers, in government health care the cost of government "implementation" will exceed the cost of the care. But cost is not the only, or even the chief, concern. Your health is unique to you and no two people are alike.

But the essence of government is treating everyone the same. This contradiction will mandate unnecessary testing, misdiagnoses, restrictive methodologies, limited drugs, and one size fits all treatment. Add aggressive tort lawyers and the consequent outrageous cost of doctor’s liability insurance to the restrictions of government imposed programs and "health care" becomes more about rules than health and more about covering your backside than care.

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