Thursday, June 28, 2012

Full Repeal of ObamaCare Is Now on the Ballot

This morning, Chief Justice John Roberts joined the liberal wing of the Supreme Court to effectively remove all limits on federal power. While finding the individual mandate unconstitutional under the Commerce Clause, the Court upheld it as part of Congress' taxing power. With today's ruling, the federal government can now regulate all aspects of our lives, as long as a failure to comply is construed as a "tax". It is now up to us to to protect our liberty.

It is absurd to me that the Court can find a provision unconstitutional yet let it stand because Congress has taxing authority. What actual limit does Roberts thinks exist on federal power? Can Congress now impose a tax on news articles critical of government? It would obviously violate the 1st Amendment, but, with today's ruling, it would fall under Congress' taxing power. It is an argument that can only be made as a path to a pre-determined conclusion. Worried, perhaps, about his own personal "legacy", Roberts simply found a way to uphold ObamaCare.

I will leave the legal analysis to others. My portfolio is political. Today's decision leaves us where we were when Obama and the left rammed the bill through Congress--we have to go to the ballot box and elect representatives who will repeal ObamaCare and all of its disastrous consequences. Obviously, it would have been nice if the Supreme Court had struck down this enormous expansion of federal power. But, we rely on others to protect our freedoms at our peril. We have a choice and we damn well better act on it.

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