Monday, June 25, 2012

Israel Wary of Egypt's New Islamist President

CBN News
JERUSALEM, Israel -- In Mohammed Morsi's first speech as Egypt's new president, he promised to represent all Egyptians.

After Morsi's defeat of former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq, the Muslim Brotherhood member has become the first Islamist president in Egypt's modern history.

Morsi,60, said he carried a message of peace to the world, tried to reassure Egypt's Christian minority and pledged to preserve Egypt's international agreements.

On Sunday, Morsi's supporters celebrated his victory in Cairo's Tahrir Square and throughout Egypt. In Gaza next door, the Palestinian terror group Hamas -- an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood -- also celebrated his victory.

Mursi claims he wants to incorporate "moderate Islamic tendencies," but many Egyptians and others are concerned that Mursi will lead Egypt toward an Islamist state.

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