Monday, June 11, 2012

Van Jones, Coulter and Huckabee Clash on ‘This Week’ Over Adding Jobs to the Public Sector

President Barack Obama may have given further fuel to the fire for those campaigning to unseat him in 2012. During a press event at the White House Friday morning, the president told a room full of journalists that “the private sector is doing fine.”

This comes following 40 straight weeks of the unemployment rate over 8 percent.

On ABC’s “This Week” With George Stephanopoulos Sunday, discussion on the gaffe and a rough week for the president served as a starting point for a lively debate featuring Ann Coulter and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, coming at odds against Van Jones and former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell. Originally discussing how the insensitive comment may be used politically, Coulter shifted the conversation towards the public sector, and the president’s plans to look to growing the public sector as a means to get people back to work and the economy back on track.

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