Thursday, July 26, 2012

Glenn Beck Reveals Untold Stories from the Past Three Years

GBTV description: In the lead up to Restoring Love, Glenn began to understand that the event would really be the conclusion of a trilogy. But before he could move forward, he needed to take a look back at the past three years and to see how things have all come together. Because you, the audience, have been such a key part of this journey, it was important that he share these reflections with you directly. With that in mind, the team here at Mercury Radio Arts and TheBlaze have decided to make this interview available to you for free in its entirety. We hope that you enjoy this unique look behind the curtain as Glenn explains the road to Restoring Love.

You can get more details, including information on how you can watch exclusively on GBTV, here!

In Part 1 of the interview, Glenn explains how Restoring Honor started off as a “mistake”, as well as other untold stories from the event:

In Part 2, Glenn explains why he felt he had to go to Israel to stand with the Jewish people. It was a bumpy ride in the journey, as Glenn had to deal with health issues, threats, and more. Did he feel like the event accomplished it’s ambitious goals?

In Part 3, Glenn discusses what is coming at Restoring Love, as well as why he feels this will be the final “Restoring” event. Why does he think this will be the most ambitious live event he has ever done? And why does he think things have been able to go so far over the past three years? Find out below:

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