Monday, July 30, 2012

It's About Control, Not Guns

This article is so true! The Progressives (left and right) have two objectives: power over and control of "the masses." Power and Control. This is where each and every one of their policies lead. We must break free from their tyranny. - Reggie

American Thinker
Don't for one minute think that the Left's core motive for demanding ever increasing amounts of gun control is the reduction of crime rates in any meaningful fashion. When the Left exploits a tragedy such as the one in Aurora Colorado and then calls for even stricter gun control, it has little to do with removing guns from criminals' hands or saving lives, and everything to do with the control of law abiding citizens. The Constitution, especially the Second Amendment, is nothing but an obstacle to the Left's desire for such control. This is why you rarely hear about the countless incidents in which guns are used to prevent crimes or save lives. It simply doesn't further the Left's agenda and is therefore ignored.

There is plenty of evidence showing that increased gun control does nothing to lower crime rates.  John Lott's book More Guns Less Crime is one of the best books out there on the subject and provides solid statistics to back up what many consider to be nothing more than common sense. And that's without even delving into our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. For more on that I recommend The Second Amendment primer.

The truth is that Gun control "works" to reduce crime just like Obama's economic policies have "worked" (and not in the way Obama claims) to fix the nation's economy. In the case of Aurora, law abiding citizens appear to have followed the theater's strict "gun-free" zone rule but predictably, the criminal just ignored the rule (as if those willing to commit mass-murder worry about violating any gun laws). So with the help of gun control, the shooter was given a theater full of easy targets to pick-off at will.

Imagine what one citizen with a concealed carry permit could have done to possibly save lives if allowed to carry a gun inside the theater. Those who blame guns over the individual never stop to think about what a determined insane person would be able to do to a large group of people with a car, can of gasoline or any number of other readily available potentially destructive items. The fact is that crazy will always find a way, so it's best to be prepared.

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