Monday, July 16, 2012

The RINOs are wrong, again.

Below is Mark Levin's complete Facebook post from earlier today. - Reggie

Mark Levin
The RINOs are wrong, again.

Leave it to us, conservatives, yet again, to try and win this election.

The RINOs, having told us throughout the GOP primary that Romney was the only candidate who could beat Obama, are now telling Romney to release years and years of his past tax returns to get "the issue" behind him.

To get what issue behind him? It won't stop Obama from lying about "outsourcing" and demagoguing Romney's career at Bain Capital. It won't stop Obama from demagoguing Romney's wealth and investments. And it won't stop the media from echoing all of it. Obama's entire campaign is built on personal attacks, lies, and class warfare. He has no intention of holding back if Romney releases more tax records. On the contrary. It provides Obama with more fodder.

RINOs are not very good at fighting the Left. They don't know how to deal well with the Left's personal attacks, lies, and ideological propaganda. And their contempt for the Right runs so deep they all but ignore our advice. They invoke Reagan but act like Ford. Ford was a nice man but a loser.

Go on offense against Obama and his record. Do not allow Obama to further control the issues in this campaign by helping him. He will run his campaign the only way he knows how. All he knows and has are the tactics he's now employing.

At the same time, Romney must lay out his ideas in concise, compelling, and plain language, contrasting his positive, growth-oriented, pro-American agenda to Obama's depressing, bleak, and destructive record.

Obama is an awful president. He's incompetent and reckless. His ideology is radical and his record is disastrous. But he's also predictable and extremely vulnerable.

Let's go Romney.

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