Monday, July 2, 2012

Truthland is the Answer to Gasland

If you’ve read Hot Air even infrequently over the last few years, you’ve seen my rather disgusted comments over the filmmaker / fabulist Josh Fox and his pseudo-documentary “Gasland.” (No link provided. You can go Google it if you like.) It was one of the most baldly outrageous pack of distortions ever packaged and sold to the country as a “documentary” about hydrofracking and the natural gas industry. This year somebody finally came up with a response to this from a basic, human perspective. It’s a somewhat shorter film called “Truthland.”

In it, one woman from a farm in Pennsylvania who was looking at leasing her land for natural gas extraction goes on a journey to speak with experts from both sides of the aisle and see what all the fuss was about and explores the alarming claims made in Gasland.

While Josh Fox made a ton of cash off of his hysterical, alarmist piece, the makers of Truthland offer it to you on YouTube. (Though it would be nice if you paid a visit to their website.)

YouTube description: Truthland: Dispatches from the Real Gasland - Full Movie [HD] - For more Truthland news and information, visit

In the HBO movie "Gasland," New York City filmmaker Josh Fox tried to scare people into thinking that natural gas development and hydraulic fracturing are new, unregulated and dangerous. It made one Pennsylvania mom living atop the Marcellus Shale wonder what she was getting into. She asked environmentalists, academics and everyday people what they think. Nobody got paid to talk — all they were asked was to tell the truth.

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