Wednesday, August 15, 2012

5 ‘Devastating Secrets’ the Obama Admin Has Allegedly Fought to Keep From the American Public

Has the Obama administration desperately tried to hide “devastating secrets” from the American people? This is a question that JudicialWatch President Tom Fitton affirmatively answers in his new book, “The Corruption Chronicles.” In an exclusive interview with TheBlaze, he recently outlined some of the most pervasive details and issues that administration officials have allegedly attempted to hide from the public.

Fitton said that he was motivated to put the book together after looking over all of the materials that JudicialWatch, a non-profit devoted to education and transparency, had compiled over the years.

“To place Obama in context, you have to go back through the Bush and Clinton administrations,” he explained. “The book traces the arc of corruption in the Clinton administration through the Bush presidency, where you had this explosion of government secrecy…”

While the book spans the three administrations, Fitton contends that his organization had enough material on the Obama years, alone, to provide more than one volume on corruption. But throughout the interview, he also made it a point to highlight the fact that “corruption and big government and big secrecy…didn’t begin with Obama and [they] won’t end with Obama.”

From the bailouts — which started under President George W. Bush — to the Fast and Furious scandal, Fitton’s book covers it all, while highlighting the often-corrupt ways in which Washington operates. It’s a book that he believes every American should read. Even Democrats and liberals, who may typically find themselves turned-off by JudicialWatch’s conservative views, will likely be surprised to find that the book also takes aim at Bush’s policies.

“You can’t rely on Congress and the media and the typical branches of government to provide oversight,” Fitton said. “You have to take it into your own hands. JudicialWatch is showing that.”

Considering that this is an election year — and considering that Obama is a key figure analyzed in the book — TheBlaze asked the author to highlight the five most pervasive secrets that the president’s administration has tried to conceal. Here they are:

1) Fast and Furious:  A press release for the book promises that readers will, “See the truth behind the scandal code-named Fast and Furious, a government program that supplied thousands of firearms to murderous criminals in Mexico — and for which Attorney General Eric Holder was convicted of contempt of Congress (and now possible disbarment!).”

TheBlaze has covered this scandal in detail, with our most recent story detailing a high-ranking Mexican drug cartel operative’s claim that Fast and Furious isn’t what many people think it is. While many on the left deem the scandal surrounding the operation politically-motivated, there’s no doubt that the administration — particularly Holder — has gone to great lengths to ensure that some documentation remains out of reach.

2) White House Czars: When Obama first entered office, his use of so-called “czars” came under fire. Fitton claims that their activities are among the most protected elements within the administration. The press release for the book encourages readers: “Be appalled by the Constitution-defying czars – appointed by the president or his administration, the current count is 45.”

In 2011, JudicialWatch completed a report about these public officials. The executive summary explains some of the issues with these individuals, who were appointed by Obama and his staffers:

This Judicial Watch Special Report examines President Obama’s unprecedented appointment and use of unconfirmed and unaccountable policy advisors or “czars” throughout his administration. Presidents typically have advisors with whom they can discuss and devise policy initiatives. In recent years, however, presidential advisors have taken on powerful new roles in the government without undergoing the process of Senate confirmation.

Unaccountable czars, many working in the White House, are being given unprecedented authority over major aspects of government policy. As is discussed herein, President Obama has appointed a number of controversial persons to czar posts, a few of whom have subsequently resigned. Others remain, despite controversy.

Their activities and their exact roles, Fitton says, are secretive in nature.

3) Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac

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