Friday, August 3, 2012

Abortion's Holy Worker

Honestly, some of the things I see, hear and read make me sick. America used to be a godly nation but I have seen America become a very ungodly nation during my lifetime. The evil attacks against Christianity and evil government policies are unleashed on a daily basis and are increasing in viciousness. The person talked about in the article below is promoting cold-blooded murder. Unfortunately, cold-blooded murder is accepted in America today as long as the murder victims are babies.

But, fear not, America because we will be judged for this, one day, by the Creator of all things. When that day comes, I wonder what these murderers will have to say for themselves. - Reggie

Meet the religious leader of abortion of demand.

War is being waged, and it isn't overseas extremists, but rather Roman Catholic bishops who perpetrate the assault, according to the new head of a religious left group that fights for abortion on demand.

"We can't let religious bullies silence us," argues Harry Knox, the former head of the Episcopal Church's LGBT caucus, and now the new President of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC), formerly the Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights. Knox describes as "holy work" his efforts to counter a "war on women in the name of religion," a conflict "so vicious that it's hurting all of us."

RCRC's opponents, Knox assesses, want to "send women back to the dark ages" and "strip women of fundamental human rights."

"I've been called to lead a religious movement for reproductive justice," Knox summarized in a video introducing himself to RCRC supporters, which counts 15 Jewish, Unitarian Universalist, and liberal Mainline Protestant caucuses and church agencies among its affiliates.

Knox was announced as RCRC's new head during the United Methodist Church's governing General Conference in April-May, where a legislative committee, for the first time across 40 years, voted to withdraw church agencies from RCRC. A legislative logjam prevented the likely vote to quit RCRC, which United Methodist agencies helped found in 1973 in the wake of Roe versus Wade.

RCRC is best known for its past Chairman Katherine Ragsdale, an Episcopal clergywoman who infamously led chants that "abortion is a blessing" at a Birmingham abortion clinic. If Ragsdale was the "high priestess of abortion," as her detractors asserted, then Knox is abortion's gentle southern pastor, smiling and soothing that abortion is always a moral option.

Knox has solid Religious Left credentials, but heading RCRC completes a trifecta of same-sex marriage advocacy, Obama Administration Faith-based Advisory Council membership, and now opposing any restriction on abortion, including for the purposes of gender-selection.

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