Sunday, August 26, 2012

Box Office: Obama Doc '2016' Stuns Hollywood

2016: Obama's America has opened in many more theaters this weekend so it's time for all of us to see it. Click here to find a theater near you. - Reggie

Well, when you live in an elite, socialist bubble the obvious often stuns.

[T]he Rocky Mountain Pictures’ documentary 2016 Obama’s America in third place after starting out Friday #1. That’s  stunning because it’s playing in a 1/3 less theaters across North American than the other wide release actioners. (See below for more details). However, its hot pre-sales have made the pic frontloaded, and its ranking will fall steeply by end of Sunday. But its new cume after this weekend could make it the #1 conservative documentary (ahead of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed’s $7.7M). The success of the anti-Obama pic comes on the eve of the Republican National Convention August 27-30.

Gerald R. Molen, the Oscar-winning producer behind "Schindler's List" and "2016," and Dinesh D'Souza, upon who's book the film is based, should send the corrupt media a fruit basket today.

The corrupt media will likely tell you "2016" is a success because of racism and hate, but the real reason people are flocking is to try and grasp a better understanding of this awful, divisive, inept, and anti-American failure currently sitting in the Oval Office.

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