Thursday, August 9, 2012

Double Standards: Rush, Schultz, and Olympic Hypocrisy

Jeffrey Lord
Carbonite takes a loss dropping Rush but sticks with leftist Ed Schultz; and the castigation of Olympian Peter Vidmar.

So. Can you say "double-standard"?

Doubtless you saw this story on Carbonite last week from the always informative William A. Jacobson over at Legal Insurrection.

Carbonite, you will recall, is the online data backup company that abruptly pulled its sponsorship from Rush Limbaugh's show over the Sandra Fluke dust-up. (And in case you missed it, Ms. Fluke spent time yesterday introducing President Obama on the campaign trail.)

In a spot-on piece of reporting, Jacobson wrote of the economic fallout of Carbonite's move:

On August 1 Carbonite released its 2d Quarter 2012 results, the first full quarter after dropping Limbaugh in March. The results shocked Wall Street, as Carbonite did not meet its growth targets, causing multiple analysts to drop the target price. The stock dropped 15% in a day. (h/t reader W)

Most important, in a conference call held on August 1, the CEO David Friend admitted that dropping Limbaugh damaged Carbonite's growth, and is likely to do so for at least one or two more quarters.

Jacobson quotes directly from a conference phone call with financial analysts made by Carbonite's CEO Mr. Friend: "It turned out to be a bigger hole in our revenue than we had thought when we initially did this."

Friend then added: "However, I don't think there was any, I'm not regretful of the decision, I think things would have been worse had we not done that."

Jacobson concludes by stating the obvious:

The last statement by Friend, that the damage would have been worse had Carbonite not dropped Limbaugh is laughable. Friend has been caught doing serious damage to shareholders based on a political decision which was taken precipitously on a Saturday night. It's too convenient now to say things would have been worse, when Friend completely misjudged the impact of dropping Limbaugh.

So what's new today?

Take a look over here at the radio show website for left-winger and MSNBC TV host, the far-left Ed Schultz. You know, the Ed Schultz who, exactly like Rush, got into a sticky wicket for referring to a woman as a "slut." In Rush's case the target was left-winger Sandra Fluke. In Schultz's case it was conservative Laura Ingraham. Specifically, recall, Schultz called Ingraham a "right wing slut" and a "talk slut."

As with Rush Limbaugh, Schultz apologized.

There the similarity ends.

When one scrolls down on the site for Schultz's radio show -- right now -- what does one see?

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