Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gay Totalitarianism

Jeffrey Lord
Assault on Chick-fil-A -- a finishing touch in America's Obama-era refresher course in leftism.

It was as predictable as rain in a hurricane.

"It" being the attempt by leftist thugs masquerading as gays to ruin the Chick-fil-A fast food empire.

Followed by what the New York Post memorably front paged with the blaringly sly headline "Cock Fight." Or, more boringly put, the backlash. A backlashing that became clear in the lines of customers patiently waiting at Chick-fil-A outposts across the country, vividly showing that Americans are refusing to be bullied by opponents of the First Amendment.

At the Paramus (New Jersey) Park Mall, the Post reported, "long lines snaked throughout the food court into the early evening [and the same scene] was played out at hundreds of other Chick-fil-A locations throughout the country in a show of solidarity for the company's Dan Cathy, and free speech."

By now, unless you have been buried under a sand dune at the beach, you know the story. Cathy had been asked a question about whether his firm supported traditional marriage between a man and a woman. Or whether he was in favor of same--sex marriage.

Cathy, a religious man who keeps his restaurants closed on Sunday, answered by saying:"Well, guilty as charged. We are very much supportive of the family -- the biblical definition of a family unit."


In Chicago and Boston Mayors Rahm Emanuel and Tom Menino discussed banning the company from the city limits. New York's City Council Speaker Christine Quinn joined in, writing a letter to New York University demanding the school not allow a Chick-fil-A outlet to remain on campus because of what Quinn called its "discriminatory views." Washington, D.C.'s Mayor Vincent Gray accused the company of selling -- really! -- "hate chicken."

The backlash to what might be called the "gay totalitarians" was instantaneous. Americans were furious.

Rush Limbaugh posted a photo of himself eating a Chick-fil-A sandwich, saying the moves by Mayors Emanuel and Menino were a "a direct assault on Christianity… a direct assault on Christians, with economic punishment thrown in, including threats from government officials that are in direct violation of the Constitution." Mark Levin spoke to Rick Santorum about Santorum's support for Chick-fil-A. Former Governor Mike Huckabee called for a Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day…a move that was also made on Facebook and was a huge success. Herman Cain took to the Sean Hannity show for a discussion with Peter Johnson.

Sarah Palin rallied, saying that Dan Cathy was being "crucified," and visited a Chick-fil-A with husband Todd.

The result? All across the country Americans rallied to Chick-fil-A restaurants to stand up for free speech. The fast food chain was swamped with customers, having a "record setting" day. From New York to California, Americans made it plain that they have had enough of this leftist nonsense.

Rush has astutely noted:

There is an explosion waiting to happen in this country. People are fed up, and this is a sign, "I'll tell you what's gonna happen on November 6th. Obama's gonna get Chick-fil-A'd himself."

Fed up is in fact what's going on here.

And there is this...

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