Thursday, August 16, 2012

Historian David Barton is Under Fire

GBTV description: On Thursday’s episode of “Glenn Beck”, Glenn invited his friend David Barton, a historian and author, to come onto his show and defend himself from accusations that are coming from a group of academics and theologians. While Barton has frequently come under fire from the left, these attacks are actually coming from people on the right. Glenn and Barton reviewed many of these attacks and accusations, and you can watch the exchanges in the videos below from tonight’s show.

UPDATE: August 17. Needless to say, I am shocked that Thomas Nelson Publishers has censored the work of David Barton by pulling his recent book, The Jefferson Lies, from bookstores. Several weeks ago I was in my local Barnes & Noble and saw Barton's book but decided not to buy it that day because I was considering getting the audiobook sometime in the future. Now, both choices have been taken from me. But wait... I just ordered the hardback book from David Barton's website. Evidently, you can only get this book from him, now. I specifically ordered it because of the publisher's censorship. This should never have happened in this country! If you want to stand up for free speech, click here to order Barton's book. - Reggie

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Ralph Rollins said...

Anytime I post on a Beck-Barton page or site and use the names Roger Williams and John Leland, my post are deleted and I am banned. They will leave ad hominem and criticism of their facts, but urgently remove post about early Baptist and their mission of faith known as Individual Liberty of Conscience. I believe they fear this type of discussion and it needs to be brought to them. The early secularist need to be heard.