Thursday, August 9, 2012

Obama’s big gamble on Bill Clinton

Newt Gingrich
The announcement that former President Bill Clinton had been personally asked by President Obama to place his name in nomination at the Democratic Convention struck me as potentially a major mistake.

Bill Clinton is one of the most effective and aggressive speakers in the Democratic Party.

His attacks on Republicans will be witty, memorable, and effective for the moment.

The problem for Democrats is that while those who listen to Clinton’s speech and cheer him will be excited, those who think about Clinton and Obama in the same thought will begin to realize how bad Obama really has been as President.

Republicans should take every opportunity to drive home the amazing contrast between Clinton’s bipartisan achievements working with a Republican Congress and Obama’s absolute inability to work across the aisle.

I am aware of the vast difference because I spent two years opposing the Clinton Presidency as the House Republican whip and four years negotiating with President Clinton as speaker.

The gaps in approach, style and achievement between Obama and Clinton are immense and all to Obama’s discredit.

Bill Clinton announced in a State of the Union that “the era of big government is over.” President Obama has been working for four years to build even bigger government.

Bill Clinton worked with a Republican Congress and Republican Governors to pass welfare reform. Clinton had campaigned on “ending welfare as we know it.” Obama in one partisan step ordered his administration to destroy the work requirements and return to the dependency-fostering, taxpayer crushing, work avoiding welfare system of the past.

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