Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney's VP Pick: Congressman Paul Ryan

Last night the Associated Press reported that Mitt Romney has chosen Congressman Paul Ryan to be his running mate in the 2012 election. The announcement will be made this morning in Norfolk, Virginia.

Ryan is one of our favorites here at Republic Heritage but I hate to see him taken from being Chairman of the House Budget Committee. I really believe he can get our nation's finances in order as Chairman, not as Vice President, however, the Vice Presidential debate, in October, should be quite entertaining.

Below are some of the stories about Romney's pick and is a live web address. I tried, and they are not good addresses. - Reggie

National Review: From Boston to Janesville

Robert Costa: The Ryan Way

The Weekly Standard: How Paul Ryan became the intellectual leader of the Republican party

In February 2010, Ryan sliced up ObamaCare revealing the gimmicks, lies and double counting to America at Obama's table.

Breitbart: Mitt Romney to Tap Paul Ryan for Vice President

Hot Air: Breaking: Romney to announce VP pick tomorrow at 9 8:45 am; Update: NBC says it’s Ryan

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