Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tennessee Democrats Disavow Senate Nominee for Not Being Left Enough

Are you beginning to see a pattern? Elections are meaningless to Democrats unless the voters give the party the result they want. We the People are insignificant to Democrats except for their desire to control our lives.

California has twice passed a state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage in their state but that didn't matter. Both times, lawsuits were filed and leftist judges struck down the will of the people. For years, Democrats have filled judicial posts with leftist judges so they know whenever they want a result overturned, it will be done because the decision of the voters is meaningless to them.

This past week Tennessee Democrats chose their US Senate nominee but the Soviet style party leaders are not pleased with their choice so they have decided not to back him and called the voters stupid! Why have primary elections, if this is their attitude? Why didn't the party officials put forth their Stalinist candidate and tell the people they had no other choice?

It is becoming quite obvious that the Democrat party has morphed into a hard left party who has more in common with Joseph Stalin than Thomas Jefferson. - Reggie

Elite Democrats in Tennessee do not like democracy, and this makes them no different from Southern Democrats of old who once blocked civil rights legislation meant to protect the right of blacks to vote.

In their Senate primary, Tennessee Democrats nominated someone who expressed disappointment with former President George W. Bush, has conservative and libertarian leanings, is against gay marriage, and whose campaign’s Facebook page, as the Tennessean notes, advocates a strict adherence to the U.S. Constitution, pro-life policies, and preventing the country from becoming “AN ORWELLIAN SUPER STATE.”

Such a candidate, on paper, would give Tennessee Democrats a better chance of unseating a Republican in the fall in the right-leaning state, one would think. He would appeal to conservative Democrats and libertarians who do not like the globalist policies of both parties.

But the Tennessee Democratic party machine is upset the nominee, Mark Clayton, is not liberal enough and disavowed him on Friday, a day after he won the nomination.

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