Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The League of Democrats

Global warming is a hoax and there are scores of links on Republic Heritage detailing the hoax. Search this blog for ClimateGate and you will discover that the entire goal of this hoax is to confiscate the wealth of the first world countries and redistribute it to third world countries. It's just that simple. - Reggie

Conservation group spends more than a million dollars to defeat GOP candidates

The League of Conservation Voters, one of the nation’s most prominent environmental advocacy groups, is dedicating more than $1 million to unseating five House Republicans it accuses of being global warming deniers.

The League of Conservation Voters recently announced it would target Reps. Ann Marie Buerkle (R., N.Y.), Dan Benishek (R., Mich.), Dan Lungren (R., Calif.), and two yet-to-be-named House Republicans for their stance on global warming and ties to the oil and gas industry.

The organization plans to spend $1.5 million against the representatives, whom it has dubbed “the Flat Earth Five.” League of Conservation Voters spokesman Jeff Gohringer said it is the group’s first targeted campaign against “climate deniers.” All of the House members targeted have questioned the role of humans in driving climate change.

“The science on climate change is as solid as any public policy question will ever get, but Rep. Lungren just won’t acknowledge the facts,” said Gene Karpinski, President of the League of Conservation Voters, in a statement.

The organization has been a stalwart foe of House Republicans since they took control of Congress’ lower chamber in 2010.

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