Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Obama Normal versus the Romney Prosperity

Newt Gingrich
By picking Paul Ryan as his vice presidential candidate, Governor Romney may have set the stage for the clearest election choice since William McKinley defeated William Jennings Bryan in 1896.

In 1896 Democrats chose the youngest nominee in history. William Jennings Bryan won the nomination at 36 as a Populist, anti-industrial, anti-urban candidate. Bryan was a brilliant, compelling orator. He called for “grass to grow in the streets” and condemned the emerging industrial, urban America. His demagogic spirit of negative campaigning and class warfare deeply influences the Democratic Party to this day.

McKinley was the calm, sober, well organized advocate of an urban, industrial America. His symbol was the full lunch pail. He developed a deliberate contrast with Bryan’s frantic campaigning and emotional speeches by waging a “front porch” campaign. Bryan’s campaign literally transported hundreds of thousands of voters by train to McKinley’s home in Canton, Ohio in the best organized campaign in American history.

The modern world decisively defeated the divisive, retrograde Bryan campaign. Americans voted for jobs, technological change, and an optimistic future of prosperity and achievement.

Governor Romney has now boldly set the stage for a similar big choice election.

The Ryan vice presidential nomination virtually guarantees that this will be a big issues, big choice election. It creates a stark contrast with the petty, negative, gotcha politics the Obama campaign devolved into during June and July.

Governor Romney’s first major decision as a presidential candidate is historic, courageous, and bold. He has clearly decided that the American people deserve a campaign that focuses on facts, outlines proposals, and offers an alternative to Obama’s vision for a European-socialist style future.

Obama and the entire Left (including much of the elite media) will try to turn this into a referendum on a false, distorted and dishonest version of Paul Ryan’s proposals. For example, every effort to frighten seniors over Medicare will collapse if Republicans repeat consistently and intensely that none of the proposals effect anyone over 55. If you hear a Democrat trying to frighten seniors over Medicare you know they are lying. It is that simple.

The actual choice will be much bigger than the budget.

The real choice is between an “Obama normal” and Romney prosperity.

The Obama Normal

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