Friday, August 31, 2012

What is the Character of Mitt Romney?

Did you see these? Honestly, I'm beginning to think Romney is a decent man even though I still think he is a Progressive. But, seriously, when the choice is between Romney and Obama, there really is only one choice and it is not Obama. - Reggie


Anonymous said...

Decent man??? Don't forget this man is a Mormon. The very philosophy that he clings to is a lie.

Reggie said...

Isn't that true of a majority of human beings? They cling to a lie in their belief system? That has been true since the fall of man but does that mean unless you are a true Christian you have no right to work? To live? To prosper?

Do you know the philosophy of every person you do business with? I don't. Whenever I need gas for my car, I stop at the nearest gas station to get it. I don't check with the management to see if their philosophy is the same as mine.

The day will come when the Creator of all things will judge all of mankind but until then, every American has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, no matter what their philosophy is.

I would prefer an evangelical Christian as one of my choices for president but I will not stay home on election day because there isn't one.

President Obama is anti-Semitic, anti-America and anti-capitalist. He has broken our laws, defied our constitution and faced no consequence for his actions. I do not want him to remain in the White House another four years and in order to try to change that I have to vote for his opponent.

Unfortunately, most of the leaders of this nation have not been Christians and we are paying the price for it but given the choice I will have in November, I will vote for Mitt Romney.

Anonymous said...

This is very interesting and just solidafies my position all the more. I have viewed some of you more negative and truthful articles about Romney. But now you are voting for the very person you never wanted to. It seems as though now you are making excuses for the very person you least favored. This is the corrupt party system. I will not be held responsible for another failed president like Bush, Obama or Romney. I will not vote. I think the last decent president we had was probably Regan. I think we are one of the only "Free" countries that has only a 2 party system. It is a way of controlling the people. No matter how you vote they still win. It is time that America wakes up or they will parish.

Reggie said...

No, I did not want Romney to be the nominee but the fact remains that he is the nominee.

Now, I have to decide whether I want to be self-righteous and stay home or vote for a successful business man that believes in our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution or vote for a man that believes the most beautiful sound he has ever heard is the Muslim call to prayer.

I have made my choice and so have you.