Sunday, August 19, 2012

When conservatives parrot liberal lies about Joe McCarthy

Among a few good things that have happened in recent years, has been the rise of talk radio and other alternative news outlets reporting on political issues.

This remarkable upsurge has broken the chokehold on political discourse long exerted by the broadcast networks and their think-alikes at the New York Times and Washington Post.

That said, there are topics on which the new media go astray, perhaps because of their late arrival on the scene and/or immersion in a political culture that downplays historical knowledge in favor of who said what this morning. Foremost among such issues by a considerable margin has been the famous Sen. Joe McCarthy, bĂȘte-noir of the left, incessantly savaged in liberal textbooks and supposed chronicles of the Cold War.

As shown by now available FBI reports and other formerly confidential data, this liberal indictment of McCarthy is almost entirely fiction, though it takes a bit of digging to know this. Nothing unusual here of course, as liberal misrepresentations on all sorts of issues occur on a daily basis. Conservatives who pay attention know this is so and constantly deplore it.

How ironic, then, to have conservative spokesmen at talk radio shows, the blogosphere or Fox News robotically utter liberal falsehoods about McCarthy as though these were established fact, with no hint that the conservative spokesmen know anything about the subject.

Such clueless comment was intense recently, in response to Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid’s weird assertion that he had received a telephone tip from a nameless caller, saying Mitt Romney hadn’t paid taxes for a decade and that based on this Romney must now disprove the allegation.

Parroting liberal untruths

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