Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Personal Note

Regular readers of Republic Heritage will know this is the first day I have posted anything here since September 24th. There are a couple of reasons for this. 

First, I have a very physically demanding job and the week of September 24th I started having horrible back pain. I was barely getting through my work day and was taking pain pills when I got home and going straight to bed, therefore, I was unable to stay up long enough to even attempt work on this blog.

Second, I think I have really needed a break after three years of practically daily devotion to political news. The act of being so constantly plugged into the slime that permeates American politics becomes overwhelming and quite discouraging, at times. I told Michael I had lost the fire in my belly. We are a nation in crisis on so many levels and I don't believe a majority of my fellow citizens recognize our peril.

I can honestly say that I continue to have a growing fear that Barack Obama will remain President of the United States after November 6th, even though honest review of the condition of our country should prohibit his getting anything over 20% of the vote! Mitt Romney was right (even though, unfortunately, he has backed away from this truth!) when he said 47% of the nation are devoted to government handouts and will continue to vote for the politicians that provide them.

There are a large number of Americans that are completely ignorant of our plight. Have you seen the video of a man asking Obama supporters if it was fair to deprive him of TOTUS during the debate? Honestly, can people be any more dense than this? I'm afraid they can.

I'm grateful that Michael embedded the Presidential debate a couple of days ago and I think that gave me the nudge I needed to get back to Republic Heritage. I plan to video capture the Vice Presidential debate on Thursday, the 11th, and post it by early Friday morning. I believe popcorn will be on the menu for that one.

One last thing. David Barton has just released The Founder's Bible. It is not available in bookstores yet but can be ordered here. According to Barton, this new work of his takes writings from our Founding Fathers and uses them as commentary on the scriptures. If America ever needed to know the truth about our Founders' reliance on the Creator and his Word, it is now.

I am embedding Glenn Beck's interview with Barton this past Thursday where they not only talked about this new Bible but they also discussed the Presidential debate.


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