Friday, October 19, 2012

Entering stretch, Obama campaign running on empty

Byron York
President Obama's stump speech Thursday at Veterans Memorial Park in Manchester, N.H., was much like the speeches he's given across battleground states in the last few weeks. Listen to it, and you'll hear the short version of what the president promises to accomplish in a second term. It's not much.

"I will not be satisfied until everybody who wants to work hard can find a job," the president told the crowd. To make that happen, he promised to do five things.

First, he would "send fewer jobs overseas [and] sell more products overseas." He proposed to "reward companies that are investing right here" in order to "create good jobs and provide security for the middle class."

Second, he would "control more of our own energy and how we use energy" by "investing in the energy sources of tomorrow." This will not only make America more energy-independent, Obama said, but will also help stop global warming, which leads to "droughts and floods and fires."

Third, the president would create "the best education system in the world right here in the United States." He proposed to hire new math and science teachers and provide job training in community colleges. He also said he'll "work with colleges and universities to keep tuition low."

Fourth, Obama would "cut the deficit by $4 trillion over the next 10 years." He has already "cut spending that we didn't need," he said, and will do more in the future, but vowed not to cut any funds in areas like education and research.

Fifth, Obama would raise taxes on higher-income Americans. "We can't get this done unless we also ask the wealthiest households to pay higher taxes on their incomes above $250,000," Obama said. "That's how you do it."

And that's it. "That's my agenda for change," Obama told the crowd. "That's what we need to do. ... That's why I'm running for a second term." The president offered no specifics on how he would accomplish any of it.

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