Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jimmy Carter's Dead Ambassador

Jeffrey Lord
Background music of appeasement gave both Obama and Carter murdered diplomats.

His name was Adolph "Spike" Dubs.

He was Jimmy Carter's Ambassador to Afghanistan.

Where, on February 14, 1979, Ambassador Dubs was kidnapped and murdered by a pro-Communist Afghan faction known as the Setami Milli. The victim of what might be called the Jimmy Carter Apology Tour -- which preceded the Obama Apology Tour by over 30 years.

Ambassador Dubs' death is being recalled these days in a most interesting fashion.

Following the murder in Benghazi of Barack Obama's Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens, along with two Navy Seals and Foreign Service officer Sean Smith, the Stevens murder is being frequently noted, as here in the New York Times, as "the first time since 1979 that an American ambassador had died in a violent assault."

Incredibly, after the death of Ambassador Stevens and the others, the President said flatly in last night's debate: "The Libyans stand with us." Wow. If that is true, why are the Ambassador, two Navy Seals and a Foreign Service officer dead at the hands of Libyans? The very fact that Ambassador Stevens wrote in his journal that he feared for his life clearly indicated the blanket assessment that "the Libyans stand with us" was simply not true.

There has been zero reference to Ambassador Dubs, the President whom he served -- not to mention the foreign policy that resulted in his death.

Much less is there any analysis of just why it is that the last time a United States Ambassador was murdered by a group hostile to America happens to coincide with the modern president to whom Barack Obama is most frequently compared -- Jimmy Carter.

So let's go back, shall we? Climb in the time capsule and we'll rocket back in time. Let's find out: what exactly did happen to Ambassador Adolph Dubs?

And why?

It is the night of February 14, 1979.

In Washington, President Carter is getting ready to leave for a crucial diplomatic trip to Mexico the next morning at eight o'clock sharp. Things were not well between the two countries, and Carter, who spoke Spanish, had decided to personally undertake a mission to soothe the Mexicans in the person of their president, Lopez Portillo.

On February 14, at 8:45 in the morning in Kabul -- 11:15 P.M. Washington time -- Ambassador Dubs' unguarded car was abruptly stopped by four men wearing the uniform of Kabul traffic policemen as the Ambassador traveled across Afghanistan's capital city.

At gunpoint, Spike Dubs was dragged from his car and whisked away to what was then the Hotel Kabul in the downtown section of the nation's capital. He was hustled to Room 117 and locked inside with his captors.

At 12:08 A.M. Washington time the State Department Operations Center learned of the kidnapping. By noon Kabul time the hotel was completely surrounded by the Afghan security forces.

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